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    It’s been said that in the sport of football games are won or lost on the line, to be frank that’s my opinion as well.
    And, if you subscribe to that belief like myself one has to give proper accolades to nose tackle Myron Pryor.

    A stand-out at Eastern high school, Pryor excelled not just in football where he was named a player in the second-team All-State team, but was also known as a solid wrestler and was a member of the track and field team.

    After high school Pryor found his place at the University of Kentucky where it didn’t take him long to prove his value as a defensive machine producing tackles, fumbles, and touchdowns, it was hard to ignore Pryor’s dominance. And the South Eastern Conference didn’t, naming him to the second-team all-SEC.

    His hard work paid off when Pryor became a member of the New England Patriots after the 2009 NFL draft, a team he still plays with and delivers solid statistics for most notably his hard hitting tackles which provide a base for the Pats’ defensive squad to build on.

    Coming on to a dominant franchise when Pryor did is no easy task and even more difficult is standing out on a team with a lot of talent like the 2009 New England Patriots, however Pryor didn’t buckle under that pressure. Rather he stayed positive doing purely what he knew he could do what he proved he could do at Eastern and Kentucky he took an opportunity and used that to create the start of a good career in professional football and for those reasons Myron Pryor is a Sports legend of the Ville.

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