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    In 2001 Jimmy Osting was on his way to pitch for the San Diego Padres, the 24-year old was a stand-out and seemed to have a natural ability on the mound.

    However, the pitcher got his start in the derby city. For whatever reason the city of Louisville has produced a great deal of major league pitching talent through the years and Osting is another name to add to that list.

    A Louisville high school graduate, Osting never attended a formal college; however this didn’t stop him from gaining the interest of Major League Baseball scouts. The south paw hurler seemed to be built for pitching; tall and then, he possessed the natural momentum a pitcher needs.

    Of course, 2001 didn’t begin Osting’s major league journey, he was drafted to play in the Atlanta Braves system in 1995; beginning in the minor leagues.

    After five years Osting was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, but he wouldn’t stay in Philly long quickly making his way to the San Diego Padres.

    And finally, May 2, 2001 Osting made his big league debut as a Padre. However, continuing to move around the league the pitcher wound up the following season with the Milwaukee Brewers, it was for Milwaukee when the well-traveled athlete made his last appearance in the major leagues on August 27, 2002.

    After leaving the Brewers, Osting spent time in the organizations of both the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, but eventually left the major league system entirely.

    Today, Osting runs a baseball training academy in Tampa Bay, Florida called the Ostingers Baseball Academy. The academy offers both indoor and outdoor training as well as world class athletic training for a variety of varying individuals.

    Image courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

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