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    Locally few families are more known in the sports world than the Brohms and today we take a look at one of the older sons to Oscar Brohm, Greg.

    In the late 1980’s Greg Brohm was a high school standout wideout at Trinity gaining the attention of a number of area universities, the three sport athlete was a first-team all state selection in Football during his high school years in fact.

    Of course everybody knew the Brohms were and are a Cardinal family, so it was little surprise when those five letters when on the back of yet another Cards jersey.
    It was the late ‘80’s and former Kentucky tight end Howard Schnellenberger was revitalizing the Cards, and he was doing it with athletes like Brohm who possessed a tenacity and work ethic necessary for success.

    During his college career, Brohm was a major factor in the team’s success particularly in their Fiesta Bowl victory in 1991.

    Following college Brohm would go on to work primarily as a coach, for instance working as a quarterbacks coach for the team with his brother Brian. During this time Brohm was a major factor in Louisville’s win in the 2007 Orange Bowl. In addition, Brohm was a coach for the team during both a Conference USA championship as well as a Big East Championship.

    In addition, Brian has worked as the director of the school’s football operations and has even spent time working with Louisville’s arena football team, the Fire.
    In 2006 Brohm was inducted into the Trinity Hall of Fame and this year he made his way to the Louisville Catholic Sports Hall of Fame.

    Currently, the now veteran coach has moved to Bardstown, Kentucky where he coaches the Thomas Nelson High School football team.

    Brohm is actually the new school’s first football coach and has mentioned how excited he is to get this kind of opportunity to build a “program from the ground up.”

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