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    The ‘Stache Was Back and So Were the Hits
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    Any Eighties music fan knows the importance of Hall and Oates; whether a soft-rock fan or not.  The Palace was in its usual grandeur and the crowd was more than I expected.  The halls were full of people who were still happily rocking the ‘80s.  There were more blue eye-shadows and heavy liner, questionable patterns and prints, gold chains, and long hair with mustaches or goatees than I have seen since Pretty in Pink.   I loved it.  The opener was a fun guy who didn’t get much crowd love.  The patrons talked loudly and greeted each other noisily while he crooned.  One song in particular I found entertaining was Caramel.  The beat was smooth and the lyrics reflected those of cheesy 70s baby-making music.  During the intermission more people poured into an already full theater.  Many people had made the concert a family outing and brought their children.  When Hall and Oates finally took stage about 8:20, I was shocked.  Despite the recent pictures I had seen of the pair, Oates mustache was back!  Granted it was not in its full thickness but regardless it had made an appearance. The music was of course great.  The lights flashed, the guitars sang, and the hits played on.  To start the show, the set included Out of Time and Family Man.   Some shows are just fun to go to and the nostalgia makes them priceless; this was one of those shows.

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    A Louisville implant, I was raised as an Army brat, served in the Navy, and have chosen this great city to live in. I enjoy music of basically all sorts and prefer to be outdoors whenever possible. I eagerly experience anything that life has to offer and enjoy documenting it.

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