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    I know some people who are constitutionally incapable of kicking back and doing nothing. People who are always on the go, either working or feeling guilty for not working. And I don't just mean paid labor here - life itself becomes this big, long chore for some. 




    I've never had that problem. Oh, I work. But I also rest. And I do it without guilt. So should you. Too much stress is bad for the body and the mind. The average American doesn't get enough sleep, and has the poor health to show for it. Rest is good; regenerative.


    With this in mind, our last staycation spotlight is about doing nothing. Nada. Zilch. Why not carve out a weekend all to yourself? Have your own staycation. No family, no friends, just sweet, sweet solitude. How does that sound? Heaven? Hell? Well, I suppose this staycation could be a group activity. You know what they want to save water, bathe with a friend.


    Doing nothing is an art, and it must be engaged in with aplomb and enthusiasm. Here are some tips to get you started:


    Feeding yourself with Minimal Effort


    Rest and Relaxation vacations are not the time for cooking - even if it is your passion, joy, and favorite hobby. This is a time of meditation, quiet, and do-nothingness. So the food must be simple. There are two ways to go with this: simple foods at home, or eat out for every meal. I recommend a blend. For simple home foods, think spa food. Fresh fruit, crudités, and bakery-fresh bread should top your list of eats. Smoothies are also a nice choice. As are martinis. One can never go wrong with a martini.


    But never underestimate the benefits of one nice night out on the town, sitting back and letting others serve you. New Albany folks might consider the River City Winery, where live bands play most Wednesdays and Fridays, and the atmosphere is quite laid-back yet elegant. Jeffersonvillians, on the other hand, have 

    Cozza Osteria Enoteca, which I haven't been to but was mightily impressed by their presentation at the Taste of Jeff. 


    Pampering Yourself


    When I was in college and wanted - nay, needed - a day off, I did this: swung by the nearest grocery store, picked up my food (see above), and a nice, big stack of mindless fluff magazines. Then, I came home, made up my tray of treats, grabbed every pillow and blanket in the house, made myself a nest in a sunny spot, and read. While eating grapes, drinking wine, and chasing it with chocolate. Then I took a bubble bath.


    Rinse, lather, repeat.  


    But if you have some money to spend, why not add some professional services into the mix? Of the spa variety, of course. Southern Indiana has a few local spas from which to choose. I've visited two:


    1. Looking Glass Salon & Spa - In New Albany, this spa offers spa packages ranging from a 3hr mini spa day to a 7hr ultimate spa experience. They even host birthday parties for kids, complete with little robes and slippers for the kids to wear while sipping pink drinks, getting mani/pedis, updos, and makeup styling. I kind of want my birthday party to be there. 


    2. The Springs Salon & Spa -  In Jeffersonville, this spa offers a very wide variety of spa packages, including special men's packages: Dad's Day Out, King for a Day, Well Groomed, and Rockstar. They also offer Duo Retreats and Date Nights at the Springs. This place even has a fitness center. 


    Of course, if you're short on cash, you can always transform your own home into a spa. Epsom salts are cheap, candles are plentiful in most homes already. Whether you drop some change for a day at the spa or put in a bit of effort to transform your own home into a spa, however, the end goal is the same:


    Nothing. Sweet nothing.


    But with bubbles and chocolate. And a martini or two. 


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