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    Far be it from me to tell anyone exactly what to wear (unless they ask). I'm a firm believer that style is a fantastic form of personal expression, your body a blank wall and fashion a big box of crayons. So, let's get drawing. You've got a big weekend ahead of you.

    Some things to remember when hitting an event like Thunder Over Louisville: style, comfort, and - especially for the little ones - safety. So, I present to you some helpful reminders to make your day more fashionable and fun.

    - Sunscreen! Unhealthy skin ruins any otherwise fabulous look, so don't forget to protect yours. Slather up those kids, too, as I'm pretty sure baking your children is still frowned upon. I love Aveeno's oatmeal-based products, and you can pick them up just about anywhere.

    - Comfortable shoes. Unless your one of the rare, fortunate ones who doesn't have to walk a mile to maybe get a good spot to see the show, this is a biggie. Lose a couple of 'sexy points' and go for the flats, ladies.

    - Not to sound too Mom-like, but take a jacket! Something light will do, it's supposed to be 66 degrees during the day, 41 degrees at night. The weather lies, we all know this. Just take a jacket.

    - Light/bright colors. Odds are, you'll be trudging on foot back to your car at night. Be aware of the increased traffic, and make yourself visible. Big, bright prints are in this season, so go bold!

    If you've found yourself in a pickle, it's Friday and you've got nothing to wear, check out Dot Fox or General Eccentric on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. You can always count on them to have stylish, lively dresses that are great for relaxing and watching the show or chilling at a rooftop party.

    Be safe, everyone, and look good!

    Special thanks to Lindsey for posing in her Thunder outfit; if you see her out, say 'hello!'

    Photo: Rachel French

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