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    Style U: Style For The Masses
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    While I may hate to admit it, I’m well aware that not everyone is a fan of shopping. I’m not one of those people who spend hours upon hours pouring over the sales at the Mall, but I certainly love grabbing some coffee from my favorite spot and hitting up some stores. It’s more about the overall experience for me, instead of just the shopping, but I understand that some of us don’t see it like that. Luckily for those folks some friends of mine are here to help out. Without further delay let me introduce you to Keri and Juli, the ladies behind Style U.

    This dynamic duo both share a love for the creativity in style and realize that most of us get into a rut with our style at some point in our lives. Their goal is help revive wardrobes one closet at a time.

    At Style U they focus on bringing style to the masses. They understand the importance of shopping on a budget, and because of that they want to show others that it’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg to look great. Whether you need help with looking at your closet in a different way, or help picking up a new wardrobe from your favorite store Style U is here to help. They’re here to help the everyday woman, the business professional, the newly christened mom, or the recent grad. Style U is a budget friendly styling service for the budget aware.

    While their business is mostly targeted at women in the area, they are certainly open to helping out the husbands, brothers, and dads out there as well.

    When asked what they ultimately give to their clients the ladies simultaneously chimed in with, “Confidence”. They both believe that confidence can be both worn and seen, and that confidence can help us overcome everything. I definitely agree with these two on this, and I am a firm believer in when you look great, you feel great.

    We’ll close out with some free fashion advice from these two. With the seasons changing and Fall looking like it's here to stay I asked the pair for their must haves for the upcoming season. Keri recommended incorporating an autumn color of choice into your closet, and thinks that it adds some autumn spice to any outfit. You can check out their latest blog post to read all about her favorite hue for Fall. Juli’s go-to for item for the season would be a military style jacket. “The structured look of the military jacket is great for anyone, no matter your age or body type.”

    Be sure to follow along with the Style U ladies on Facebook for up to the minute fashion advice or to book some of their services.

    Images Courtesy of Style U’s Facebook

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