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    Suggested Reading: Whiskey Blogs
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    There are a lot of people out there blogging about bourbon.  The vast majority are endless pages of bourbon reviews.  Bourbon reviews can be helpful if you’re looking for something new to try, but I find them incredibly subjective.  I’d rather just try a new bourbon, and since I live in Louisville I can do that just about any time I want to.

    The blogs that get my attention and make me stop to read are the ones that cover the various aspects of bourbon’s back story.  There’s a lot of history in the bourbon world, some of which gets buried or temporarily lost.  There are stories of seemingly insignificant occurrences that have changed the course of bourbon’s history.  And these days there are stories of controversy and lawsuits that will change bourbon’s future.

    This is a list of blogs I read regularly that cover various aspects of the bourbon industry in-depth.  This is by no means an inclusive list of all the blogs I like or even the order in which I recommend them.  If you’re starting to get interested in bourbon, this is where you depart the basics and go in depth, crossing the threshold of “whiskey geek”.

    · Fred Minnick is a writer as well as the Bourbon Authority at the Kentucky Derby Museum.  He’s published books and magazine articles, but his blog is an endless source of previously little-explored issues in the whiskey world.  What exactly is a Master Distiller anyway?  Click here to check out Minnick’s blog.

    · Brian Haara blogs under the name Sipp’n Corn.  A lawyer by day, Haara focuses on how lawsuits have shaped the bourbon industry.  Without some of these lawsuits, much historical data about the bourbon industry of yesteryear would be lost forever.  Check out Haara’s blog here.

    · The Bourbon Truth is an anonymous blogger and tweeter who is well-known to ruffle feathers.  His stories are often very in-depth and almost always focused on controversial topics like flavoring in your rye or the controversy going on at Balcones in Texas.  He says of himself, “Yes, I could be nicer, I could become every distillery and booze PR hump’s Shirley Fucking Temple, I could be universally loved and showered with whiskey riches . . . I prefer my truth and my truth hurts but it’s my choice and I’ll take trust over manufactured favoritism.”  He’s kind of like the Robin Hood of the bourbon world with an attitude.  Check out his blog here.

    · Chuck Cowdery is a whiskey writer whose blog covers everything from whiskey news to experimental aging practices and current lawsuits.  This blog really has something for everyone.  Check it out here.

    · Whisky Cast is a podcast hosted by Mark Gillespie and is a great way to catch your bourbon news on the run.  Gillespie covers basic bourbon news but he also asks the hard-hitting questions.  This is a great resource for all whiskey lovers.  Check it out here.

    -The Coopered Tot has a lot of news and reviews, but every once in a while writer Josh Feldman goes in depth to explore issues such as how the industry fails completely at advertising to women.  Check it out here.

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    I'm a Louisville native with a passion for traveling and homegrown tomatoes. I write the bourbon news, which keeps me plenty busy since Louisville is the center of the bourbon universe. See bourbon news happening? Contact me on Twitter @LouGirl502!

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