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    Shopping for swimwear is one of the most painful fashion experiences. Not only is it horrifying to bare what we tend to cover, it also exposes our insecurities about our bodies. No matter what shape, size, or age you are we all have things we flaunt and fault when picking out clothing items…. the swimsuit is no exception! There are always details that matter, like what colors best compliment us and what we prefer in they way of patterns, prints, or solids. First we must find the style of suit that covers what we hate and reveals what we love. That’s a lot to ask of an outfit that averages less than ½ yard of material to produce the whole look! Finding ways to flatter your look is easy if you leave the self-deprecating behavior behind.

    Ladies, we need to focus on the positives…

    If you have great shoulders, collarbones, or frankly a nice “Rack”, goes strapless! Now in reference to the “Rack”, large does not solely equal nice. As any well-endowed woman will tell you about a strapless top…its not gonna stay up nor is it doing anything to lift you up.

    Clodhoppers 502.891.0079

    For the girls that are not scared to bare but have curves to show I encourage you to do so! Just make sure your suit has the right support. A lot of swimwear nowadays is made like a support bra, giving you a way to sculpt and hold yourself.

    ​Clodhoppers 502.891.0079

    Using a high waist full coverage bottom will show off your legs yet hide the butt and belly most of us curse every time we check our side view in the mirror. Pairing it with a more revealing top shifts the focus. A larger scale pattern or print tends to give you less mass over a solid. Every body type can benefit from mixing and matching separates.

    Boutique Serendipity 502.423.0058

    When your concerns are over the “Jello Arm”, tummy pooch, or any upper body issues, just cover it up. Using a lightweight top with a swimwear bottom is the best way to hide and not appear buttoned up.  This is also a great alternative for the fair skinned to stay out of the sun.

    Boutique Serendipity 502.423.0058

    While the ladies are pulling out their microscopes and looking for any flaw while sitting, bending over, and shaking to see what jiggles, spills over, and slips out in the dressing room mirror, the guys should be doing the same (if they aren’t already)! Plenty of men are stylish and realize we are not immune to the judgment of ourselves and of others. The problem is, there are just as many guys that refer to the whole category of swimwear as “swim shorts”….if this is you, start taking notes!

    Gentleman, please don’t think that any “trunk” will be for you. Depending on your size, both height and mass, make sure that you fit the size…too small and tight is no worse big and bulky. Just like the ladies there are many styles and cuts to suit you! For the majority a “board short” is most appropriate…but no more simple. For the average height male a tradition longer legged short works. The remaining decisions are geared towards color and pattern.

    Quest Outdoors (Frankfort Avenue) 502.893.5746

    Guys who fall on the shorter end need to show more leg! If board shorts go too far below your knee the proportions are off. Find a short that not only has the right length but the width on the leg to avoid having the “chicken leg” effect.

    Metro Men Fashion 502.690.6021

    Push yourself outta your comfort zone. A square cut swimsuit flatters the man with built mass as well as helping to avoid looking swallowed up by a garment for the thin and lean.  Patterned or solid this cut is the best way to show that while stylish we are not too bold.

    Metro Men Fashion 502.690.6021

    To all the guys that spend hours in the gym, shave their torsos, and have a whole shelf devoted to hair styling products yet pretend to be no maintenance…put down the flat iron and look into the magnifying mirror we all know you hide under the bathroom sink and tell yourself “it’s okay”!

    If your body and manhood can handle it, be brave and bold…bearing a little more with a style of suit that looks more athletic than racy will draw the right kind of attention.

    Metro Men Fashion 502.690.6021

    Ladies and gentlemen, this swimsuit season do yourself and the general public a favor by following the concept of less is NOT more when baring your body. If you plan to turn heads in your swimsuit make sure the impression you leave is not the same heads turning to each other to joke about your attire.

    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

    P.S. For the population of both sexes that seems to be blindly confident about whatever jiggles, rolls over, and hangs out of your swimwear…I admire your attitude, and put on some clothes!

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    By trade I am the Style Editor of Louisville Magazine and Louisville Bride. In addition to that I contribute fashion commentary on-air, and regularly produce various fashion shows locally.

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