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    Experimental duo The Books are Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, and they've got a lot to say. Their bizarre sound collages that take up most of their albums are interesting and enticing enough to allude that you’re reading vibrant imagery. As their name suggests, the Books embrace wordplay and reversed language, while also exploring the outside dimensions of music itself. This Sunday, they bring it all to Headliners.

    Their albums are constructed like building plotlines. A hook pulls you in, dialogue from sound samples introduce imaginary characters, and the background music controls the tension. Many of their found samples are taken from thrifted home video tapes, 8-tracks and Talkboys. These unsettling clips are mixed with folky guitar, creating melodies reminiscent of the Pinback days with an eeriness of Boards of Canada that comes through in their layer-heavy music. 2005’s Lost and Safe was the release that brought them this reputation. Although, their earlier efforts like The Lemon of Pink demonstrates mind stimulation through spoken word segments in which the sound samples prompt what the listener should do. It’s similar to meditation music, but there’s killer beats to dance to with a melodic composition.

    The Books put on a live show as visual as their sound. Though their music relies more on electronics, they are still content to play folk instruments and integrate video projections to accompany many of their found sounds. The result is nothing short of absolute magic. When you come back, it will be from an experience. 

    The Books play Headliners Music Hall on Sunday, April 3rd. Tickets are $15. Available through Headliners, Ear-X-Tacy and E-tix. 18+ with ID. 9 PM.

    Photo: Lastfm/ Gregory Comollo

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