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    Friday and Saturday, Lexington-based group Sundy Best will be taking over Mercury Ballroom to record a live album, just off the heels of a gig opening for Steve Miller Band at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Tickets for Friday and Saturday are still on sale.

    The group started when Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson joined up at the end of college - Kris was moving to Lexington and Nick was beginning to play some shows back home in Prestonsburg, KY.

    “When I graduated, I had some friends moving to Lexington and, instead of moving back home, that’s where I decided to go. Me and Nick connected. He was finishing school, too, and he had started to play some gigs back home. We got together and that’s kind of, the rest is history,” says Bentley.

    The band’s been together for about five years and has been putting out music at a crazy speed. “Door Without A Screen,” Sundy Best’s debut album, released in 2012 with two albums releasing in 2014. “Bring Up The Sun” and “Salvation City” bookend a busy year of touring and writing for the band. What does this live album promise us?

    The live album (which may or may not be called, “It’s So Good”) will feature familiar works, with a few new songs making their debut.

    “We’re just excited to be able to do a live record. Some of my favorite albums ever were live records. Just try to capture what we do at a show and we’ve played a lot of shows this year, all over the country and up into Canada. I think it’s going to be a special couple of nights, to get to play for the people there and capture the recording. That in itself it the most exciting for us.”

    The band’s music - a country sound with a blues influence, self-described as “foot-stompin’” - finds its roots in Bentley and Jamerson’s home of Prestonsburg. A stop along the Country Music Highway, the area’s turned out legends like Loretta Lynn, Dwight Yoakam and Patty Loveless. Prestonsburg itself is home to the Kentucky Opry.

    To Bentley, life in Prestonsburg engrained a love of music into him: “It’s a big part of life - music is - back home. I grew up in it, you know? My dad played music his whole life. My brother played the drums. And I kind of just played drums by default. It’s everywhere around you back in Eastern Kentucky. I say, at least 6 out of 10 people either play or sing. It’s just, music is just very important - to have grown up around it and [have] it be part of the environment. It’s just like breathing or reading.”

    This weekend promises to be a great party, as the band shines best live.

    “[A live album is] something we’ve always wanted to do - we just wanted to wait for the right time to do it. We’ve always felt that we’re a live act. Our live shows have been a big part of what we do, if not the biggest. It’s the best representation of who we are and, now having added Stan and Teddy, we’ve played all year long and it just feels like the right time to do it... We wanted to try and capture what we do live for people to hear,” says Bentley.

    For Sundy Best, 2015 has been a busy year of touring, taking the band from Vegas to Newfoundland, letting them settle in home for the holidays - just in time to pull together another album. They’re shooting for a January release date.

    According to Bentley, “We’re in a position to kind of do any and everything we want, that feels right. We’ve got people working with us and behind us that believe in what we’re doing. With this live record, that’s kind of what is appealing to us about it. It’s like, we’ll just play the shows, record it, do a bit of mixing. But, that’s going to be it - it’s going to be pretty raw and real, just trying to capture what we do and hopefully have it ready to put out real soon.”


    Photo courtesy of Sundy Best

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