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    If you've ever been to the iconic "ZBar," you know all about the black and white laminated disco tile that invites anyone in the vicinity to get their groove on. This, combined with the musky smell of beer and stained wood, make ZBar quite the place to visit  for a chilled beverage and a live show any night of the week.

    When I heard that SWMRS, a fresh, indi-rock inspired band from Oakland, California, was coming to grace the good ol' Ville, I was intrigued. When I discovered that the two lead singers had recently walked for Yves Saint Laurent in Paris fashion week to the fresh sound of their newest hit, I was sold.

    The gig was set in front of a white curtain printed with "SWMRS" in bold letters surrounded by starkly outlined handprints. The band's manager pre-gamed the gig with a cupcake and in the crowd, a young woman wore a T-shirt that read “I hate everyone.” It felt as though these hipster west-coasters would be performing in a vintage shop where band tees and converse were common.

    Surrounded by a sea of pink- and blue-haired 18-20-year-olds, SWMRS' sound was very Paris-underground punk - perfectly fitting for a catwalk show. With harsh electronic beats and the rock and roll of a killer bass drum, accompanied by the sight of a pretty blonde boy tickling a guitar, these guys incited the crowd into a jumping mosh pit beneath them.

    Back in 2015, SWMRS performed at a huge Australian rock concert called Soundwave, alongside bands such as Incubus, The Devil Wears Prada, and Fall Out Boy, so it was refreshing to see this global talent trek all the way to our little town to bang their heads and entertain a crowd that really knew how to sing along. For the band’s first time in Kentucky, the audience welcome them in the typical Louisvillian style: with a pizza in one hand, a beer in the other and a whole lot of fan craze in between.

    To finish the set, lead singer Cole Becker flipped back his head, breathed heavily into the mic, and addressed the crowd: "In life, there’s good things everywhere, you just gotta find it."

    It's encouraging that our hidden gems of venues all around the city can host global artists, and perhaps even more so that Louisville, while being kept so wonderfully weird and small, is now being recognized as a hidden treasure and definite pit stop for anyone touring the country.

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