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    Just below the hustle and bustle of Mussel & Burger Bar, there is a place that will transform your dining standard. Your first step on the elevator is your first step towards a truly special evening at The Place Downstairs. 

    This was my experience one unforgettable evening at The Place Downstairs. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday, and as the elevator descended, the sounds from above grew muffled. The doors opened on a beautiful, low-lit restaurant and my anticipation for the meal was immediately heightened.

    I ordered that night's cocktail: The Georgia Peach, which was sweet and light with a touch of peach liqueur. The unique menu has small plates, jars, and entrees of American food with a fusion of French, Spanish, and Meditterranean cuisine that range from $30 and under.

    To begin, our table ordered an assortment of small plates and jars, which is a simple, but thoughtful layered appetizer in a charming glass jar. Our sever guided us to the prime beef sliders small plate and the vegetable conserva jar, as well as the campfire breakfast jar. The sliders were incredibly tender, cooked to perfection and melted immediately in our mouths with every bite. They were smothered in black truffle cheese on a pancetta brioche bun, and served with freshly cut, warm, buttery, salty fingerling chips. 

    The little glass jars were layered impeccably with flavorful precision and served with toast and soft cheese on the side. The vegetable conserva jar was a mixture of local seasonal vegetables from Annett's Farm, and roasted garlic puree served with a local cream cheese. The campfire breakfast jar, which was sweeter, was filled with a soft egg, walnuts, maple syrup, and sea salt served with Ricotta.

    After about an hour of lingering over our drinks and the appetizers, we turned our attention to our entrees. I placed my fork with ease through the delicate, buttery diver scallops, with Iberico Lardo (a type of Italian cured pork fat). The scallops were served with a parsnip-vanilla puree and fennel-blood oranges. 

    Towards the end of our meal, our server handed my husband a birthday card signed by the entire staff, and we shared homemade ice cream; a trio of raspberry, lemon, and chocolate in homemade waffle cones. My husband's complimentary birthday dessert, the chef's choice, was a beautiful arrangement made with a crispy, caramelized, toffee candy as the base and topped with homemade cream brulee ice cream. It was served with a chocolate sauce spelling out Happy Birthday and surrounded by a few fresh raspberries, and a dash of caramel sauce. Placed on top with precision was a grande, caramelized piece of sugar. It was truly a work of art. 

    The service was perfection from beginning to end. Time and care was put into every glass of water that was poured and every item of food on our plate.    

    Leave yourself plenty of time when you eat at The Place Downstairs. Do not rush a meal there, but stay, savor, and experience Chef Ray’s artistic and artisan food yourself. 


    The Place Downstairs

    Below Mussel & Burger Bar

    9200 Taylorsville Road 

    Louisville, KY 40299


    Open 5:00 PM-10:00 PM Wednesday-Saturday for dinner only. Call 502-333-0376 to make reservations.

    Photo Courtesy of The Place Downstairs' Facebook Page










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