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    Folks familiar with Louisville’s only remaining daily newspaper, The Courier-Journal, have come to expect a high level of left-wing bias on its editorial pages.  But a careful analysis of any edition of the paper will reveal how that “progressive” agenda spills over onto the news and content pages as well.  This morning’s C-J front page is a case in point.

    President Obama gave a speech to a group of labor union members in Detroit yesterday, and was introduced by Teamster Union president Jimmy Hoffa, who fired the crowd up with some provocative rhetoric.  Referring to conservative Republicans and Tea Party members, Hoffa screamed:  “Let’s take these sons a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”

    Hoffa SOB.jpgYou would expect to find at least passing reference to such intemperate and incendiary language in a front-page article about the campaign event reported in such an important newspaper as the Courier-Journal, wouldn’t you?  Alas, your expectations would not have been met in today’s paper.

    What the Courier printed on its front-page today was a reprint of a story about Obama’s Detroit rally, written by David Nakamura, of the Washington Post.  (The C-J has gotten so sloppy lately, that they misspelled the reporter’s name as “Dick” Nakamura.)  Nakamura’s article discussed some of what the President said yesterday to the crowd, but made no mention of the Teamsters Union president’s violent and profane remarks:

    "We’re going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes. And I’m so glad he’s come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say, ‘President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march.’ And, President Obama we want one thing – jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs… That’s what we’re going to tell him. When he sees what we’re doing here he’s going to be inspired. But he needs help. And, you know what. Everybody here’s gotta vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize - Let’s take these sons a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong. Thank you very much.”

    How did the other major mainstream news outlets handle the speech?  The Los Angeles Times and London’s Daily Telegraph quoted the Hoffa rant verbatim.  Video clips of the Teamster’s thuggish remarks were played on each of the morning’s national news shows, with the single exception of ABC’s Good Morning America.  And, of course, transcripts of Hoffa’s and Obama’s remarks were all over the internet.

    On this morning’s "Fox & Friends," co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Democratic Party chairwoman and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she would care to repudiate Hoffa’s "take these sons of bitches out" comment, and the DNC chief attempted to avoid responding by saying, "I know you'd like to focus on language, that's not what the American people are focused on."

    Watch Gretchen Carlson make Debbie Wasserman Schultz squirm:

    hoffa-obama.jpgOf course, The Courier-Journal has the right to edit its news coverage in any manner it sees fit.  It can continue to beat the drum for its pet prejudices—such as abortion, busing, radical environmentalism, Democratic politics, and sundry left-wing causes—on its news pages, as well as on its editorial pages.  The First Amendment protects its right to do this, and to avoid printing any news which may be contrary to its progressive world view.

    What The Courier-Journal cannot do, however, is to continue with the façade of claiming to be a balanced and impartial source of news.  If it ever was impartial, it is no longer.

    ------------'s The Arena section features opinions from active participants in the city's politics. Their viewpoints are not those of (a website is an inanimate object and, as such, has no opinions).

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    At various times I have been a student, a soldier, a college Political Science teacher, a political campaign treasurer, and legal adviser to Louisville's Police Department and Board of Aldermen. I now practice law and share my political opinions with anyone who will listen.

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