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    Originally thought to be lost, the original recording of Love Me Do took place June 6, 1962 at 3 Abbey Road, the time period when the Fab Four roamed The Cavern Club in Liverpool and donned the rebel, Teddy Boy look. By 4 September, Ringo joined The Beatles and a second version was recorded at EMI. Abbey Road on the River organizer, Gary Jacob, asked the lads in BritBeat for a small favor, if you will; recreate The Cavern on stage.

    True to BritBeat form, James Paul Lynch (John Lennon), Chris Getsla (Paul McCartney), Dave Robinson (Pete Best), and Jeff Isoe (George Harrison) along with Rick Sladek on keys took this venture and breathed life into a rare live performance. Yes, it says Pete Best. Pete was the drummer in this formative era of Beatles music before Ringo joined for the second, and more known recording in September ’62. 

    Promptly at 10:30 pm, in close to 95 degree heat, wearing leather pants and jackets, BritBeat struck the first chord and the fans crowded around the stage got down to the business of dancing.  The music could be heard from Main Street to the Ohio, leaving ample space for fans to take a seat on the lawn after a hot day on The Belvedere. 

    Just as The Beatles would have, BritBeat welcomed the opportunity to have fun with the show. Third song in, and in true Lennon form, James Paul Lynch shed the leather jacket; by the tenth, the black t-shirt was gone as well. True character traits of John Lennon allowed James Paul to drink beer on stage, while the business end of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Chris stayed focused on the fans and music. A very charming George Harrison added just the key elements to the show, while Pete wowed with percussion; George Martin would be proud. The set concluded with “Twist and Shout”, always a fan favorite and a darn good dancing tune.  BritBeat and Beatles fanatics in the crowd huddled at the stage, twisting and shouting with arms up singing along.  The heat seemed to be of little concern to those dancing. 

    BritBeat is scheduled to play on the Lawn Stage Sunday at 8:45 pm with all the passion of portraying The Beatles.  This show is one of the more popular events at Abbey Road with the Anthology on the books for tonight’s performance.   The Lawn Stage is shaded by The Ali Center by this time in the evening, but sunscreen is still a wise choice. Don’t forget the earplugs or the dancing shoes!  Abbey Road on the River takes place on The Belvedere, adjacent to The Galt House.  This is a family friendly event and a great show for a Sunday evening on a holiday weekend.   

    James Paul Lynch embodies John Lennon
    Paul cuts up with the guys on stage while playing
    Having a little fun with "Twist and Shout"
    Paul and George, getting it done-the right way
    It just isn't John Lennon until there's a toilet set around his neck
    James Paul as John Lennon
    Dave Robinson as Pete Best, a strong drummer
    Mr. Lynch shares a strong profile with Mr. Lennon
    Paul, focused on the music and lovin' the crowd
    John and Geoge love to jam
    James Paul has so much fun at Abbey Road
    Chris Getsla lets Paul cut loose in The Cavern
    Jeff Isoe portrays George in BritBeat
    James Paul would fit in nicely at The Cavern

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