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    I don’t have immediate plans to leave Louisville, despite vague fantasies of spending a year in New York City and a more persevering dream of moving to Paris. But if my husband and I were to pack up and leave our town, whether for a small burg or international city, there are things I’d really miss. Yesterday I shared the first five of the 10 things I’d miss about Louisville if I didn’t live here – here are the remaining five.Salmon with bok choy and shiitake mushrooms-2Seafood Connection
    You’ll exit Seafood Connection with the scent of fried fish clinging to hair and clothes but you’ll have a tidily wrapped white package of excellent, as fresh as you can expect this far inland, fish. If they don’t carry the obscure fish you decide you want, call up and they’ll order it. And hold it for you with your name on it. Pauls’ Produce
    Across the lot in Chenoweth Square is Paul’s – my regular Saturday stop. Join the throngs at the sample tables (don’t miss the salsa – way better than any I can make myself) then stock up on produce at better prices than Kroger and certainly Whole Foods. Floor staff can also help you tell the difference in the various produce you may not be able to discern on your own (is that a rutabaga or a jicama?). Coco's Chocolate CafeThe fiercely independent spirit
    Keep Louisville Weird and buy local first. A good number of people here take this very seriously. We don’t want to be another dot on the map, a stop on the interstate. And interesting people sell interesting things every day, leaving consumers with little need to visit soulless big boxes (though I have to admit I do love a visit to Target).Annie's Cafe vegetarian PhoThe restaurant scene
    I’d need a bigger list than ten to name the restaurants I’d miss. I continue to be happily amazed at the selection of really good independent (see above) restaurants in Louisville. Whether I want sushi, Vietnamese, fusion, seviche, tapas, Cuban, Mexican, Middle Eastern or just about any other cuisine under the sun, I have more fine options than I will ever have the budget to enjoy. Queen of Rags, Bardstown RoadBardstown Road
    I confess to being one of the people who things anything worth seeing/doing/eating in Louisville is contained inside 264. I rarely cross the bridge or venture outside the Watterson. I know, I may be missing a whole world out there, but that’s ok, just give me Bardstown Road. What more do you need? I bought my car along the stretch, I dine, I shop, drink beer, buy wine and groceries and produce. And chocolate. Nuff said.

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