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    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Jamison from the modern pop band, Tenth Avenue North.  They are currently touring with Third Day and will be in Louisville on May 5th at Broadbent Arena.  Tickets are still available at 

    Tenth Avenue North formed in the spring of 2000 and took the street where they lived as the name of the band.  They hail out of Nashville, TN and have recently taken four nominations for this year’s 42nd Annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. 


    With their newest single, “You Are More” they want you to know that you don’t need validation from this world, it’s all about what Christ did for us.  You can listen to samples of their hit songs and watch some video on their website  So, here’s the interview…


    How do you feel about touring with Third Day?

    Excited, loving it.  This is our fourth weekend out with them.  We all listened to Third Day growing up, started Tenth Avenue North as freshmen in college.


    I love “Love is Here” is there a story behind that song?

    This one was sparked by an interaction. Working with youth for years in a church.  It was a response to a frustration because youth would say things like “I know God loves me if this or that happens” In the bible, in Romans, it says that God has proven love for us. “All you’re looking for is found in Jesus Christ”


    Most of you have family’s, how do you balance touring and family time?

    I have two daughters, ages 2.5 and 7 months and have been married 8 years. Mike has 2 girls and Jeff has 1 son.  The other 2 guys are not married. We are out 4 days and home 3 days.  It’s nice because the 3 days we are home, there is no work.  It is off time for family. Some of us bring family sometimes, and try to balance things as much as we can


    You’ve been nominated for four DOVE Awards, how do you feel about that?

    Excited! Blown away. The Lord is so good. It’s not our goal to get awards.  It’s going about the daily grind, setting our feet towards what we believe in and point people to Jesus Christ. To be award worthy is icing on the cake.


    Have you been working a new record?

    We are constantly working on new, it’s never-ending. This record (The Light Meets the Dark) was released in May and at that point it had been done for a year. We’ve been writing, have 25-30 song ideas and continue to add to it. We will start recording in November and probably be done around January (2012).


    Is there anything you want to say to your fans in Louisville?

    We’re excited for people to come out. We are focusing on “You are More” and have had a tremendous response of HOPE from the audience with this song. It’s incredible to hear stories of hope from the fans.


    Mr. Jamison was great to interview. I could hear the excitement in his voice when talking about their music, their journey and his family.  I look forward to seeing them perform next month. 

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