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    I think I’m going to compete in the Iron Man this year, it’s coming to Louisville August 25th for it’s annual Derby City event.

    The way I see it I should be able to wake up at the crack of noon that morning, have a plate full of pancakes, waffles, and muffins (you know carbo load) and then head on out to the River for the jaunty little stroll.
    Oh, shoot I was just informed that there is nothing jaunty about the Iron Man, not even remotely whimsical.

    None the less, some of you might still be interested. The event features a 2.4 mile swim through the Ohio River, past the Great Lawn. The event planners are guessing that the final entrant into the contest will dive in at 7:45 a.m., all I can say is that these swimmers have got to be determined.
    In any case these overly driven athletes will then pedal to LaGrange, circling through Oldham and Henry County. Then athletes will proceed to chuck the bikes to take off on foot, as they run by sites like Churchill Downs.

    Finally, the ordeal finishes at Fourth Street Live, where athletes can pass out to applause and cheers.

    The Ironman has long been coming through Louisville, in last year’s event for instance Patrick Evoe won the event on the men’s side with a total time of 8:42:44, meanwhile the top woman in the competition was Bree Wee who boasted a time of 9:36:27, even though these two were both Americans athletes come from all over the world.

    Again last year’s entrants came from Australia, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Great Britain, Japan, Finland, Brazil, and that’s just naming a few.
    So, regardless of if your valiantly trekking, ambling through to just be able to tell people you did it, or simply cheering or rooting people on this year’s Ironman should prove to be a worthwhile athletic venture for the city.

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