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    What would you do if you woke up today knowing that in a few hours you were going to receive a phone call from a member of one of your favorite bands? Let me tell you that I was very excited! At 10:40am when my phone rang I felt a quick rush of adrenaline. I answered and on the other end of the line was Tai Anderson, bassist of Third Day.

    Third Day is based out of Atlanta and are multi-platinum. They have won four Grammy Awards, 24 GMA Dove awards, and are on a 40-city tour across the country promoting their new album “Move” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Current Contemporary Christian Chart.  Current hits from the album include “Lift Up Your Face,” “Make Your Move,” and “Children of God.”

    Third Day will play Broadbent Arena on Thursday, May 5th.  Joining them is Tenth Avenue North and Trevor Morgan.  You can check them out at  All regular tickets are only $25.00 and are available through

    Tai Anderson was great to interview! He welcomed each question and more than sufficiently answered each one.  I wish we had more time, but we were able to cover a few topics of interest.  I could sense his love for his family, the band, his job, the music they make and God.   I was impressed.  So, here we go…

    You have a Southern Rock sound that is appealing to many, who/what has been a strong influence?

    TA - The band started in high school, a direct influence was The Black Crows.  Mac (Mac Powell, lead singer) & Mark (Mark Lee, guitarist) listened to a lot of The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The 1st album we were trying to make it through a song, it took a while but by the 3rd album “Time” we had our 1st radio hit.  We were still discovering our sound, looking for organic. Live we were “rock” and radio we were more “pop.”

    What’s your favorite Third Day song?

    TA - “Cry Out for Jesus” and “Tunnel.”  We get lots of fan feedback on Tunnel. Lots of cancer survivors - it’s a message of hope.  It’s really humbling and gives me a lot of affection for the song. I really love playing “Trust in Jesus” from the Moon album right now.

    How’s the tour going? Any memorable moments you‘d like to share?

    TA - The shows are selling great. We have a great match of people and integrity.  There’s a sweet spirit out there.  There’s a great unity among all artists, we’re all inspiring each other. We’ll stay up until the busses have to leave. With a Christian band we have to put out a record and go out on tour, we can’t take two years off, we’re always working. Our premise is the give a great show. It’s about the ministry, but people are paying to see us perform. 

    How’d you feel about Keith Urban doing “Call My Name”?

    TA - It was really cool!  He cut it twice, it’s a great story. He heard it on the radio, it impacted him so much, he downloaded it on his phone and recorded it immediately. Mac Powell is “our little secret” it’s great for him and I hope he gets more opportunities like that from the rest of the world.  He’s a great song writer/singer.

    How do you feel about social media, what’s is done for your career, now vs. not having it 10 years ago?

    TA - I like it, enjoy the interaction.  But it’s a little diluted. People will spend the day on Youtube, blogs and Facebook listening and watching shows and won’t buy the music. “You can connect with anyone, so you don’t really connect with anyone.”  Third Day has a great website, ( it’s ahead of the curve for Christian artists, it’s like Dave Matthews or someone. We save money now, connecting with fans.  Long ago I stayed up late doing mailings, we spent a lot on postage.  With Facebook, sometimes people hijack your page for their own agenda.  They cross the line of spirit of being a fan, it’s upsetting. You have to “like” the page so you can post, so if you don’t really like it then don’t. 

    You guys are good humanitarians and do a lot/contribute to many causes. Is there one you are especially close to?

    TA - World Vision - for 12-13 years, I’ve done 3 projects in Africa and now Haiti. The band is just back from there. “It’s something to experience extreme poverty - it gives so much appreciation for what you have.”  I think of the story of “The Good Samaritan” To sacrifice your own time and resources to take care of someone.  He took them to the inn and told the innkeeper to take care of them and send him the bill.  I feel like World Vision does that they are the “Innkeepers.”

    I am excited to see them again in concert and hear the new album live.  Every concert I’ve been to has been great! Stay tuned tomorrow for my interview with Jason Jamison of Tenth Avenue North!

    Photo credit: Southside Entertainment

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