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    Last Thursday night at Broadbent Arena, Mac Powell took the stage to introduce newcomer Trevor Morgan.  He joked around about “horse racing being a big deal” around here.   To be honest, when I arrived for the concert, I was wondering if many people were coming out to see them.  I thought that maybe Derby events would take precedence and attendance would be low.  Third Day had been running a “BOGO”, Buy One Get One (ticket) free deal on Facebook for a few days and WJIE, the sponsoring radio station, was also doing a big ticket push.  As it turns out, the arena filled up. 

    I love live music of any genre and look forward to a good concert.  Third Day gets better each time I see them.  This concert was great; there was a good chemistry with the bands and smooth transitions from one to the other.  Third Day played for almost two hours and came out for a three song encore.  The fans were wild with excitement.

    Opening act, Trevor Morgan is an independent artist, he has no label but his album is available for download online.  Trevor performed three songs during his set.  He has a good mix of pop and southern rock, a strong voice (sometimes sounding a bit like Bob Dylan) and good message.  He later took the stage with Third Day and performed “Jesus Rides the Subway” while Mac Powell sang back-up.  I loved this song, very fresh.  Trevor Morgan is someone to listen for.

    Next up was Tenth Avenue North.  They started with “Love is Here,” a fan favorite then transitioned into “You are More” with a pretty good impression of a scene from the movie “Rocky” by Mike Donehey, lead singer.  “Admit you’re a bum” he says, then they played “You are More.”  Great performance as well.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Jamison, drummer, last month.  You can catch up on that reading here:  this band is so down to earth.  Their Facebook posts invite fans to join them for coffee at specific time/location in the town they are playing.  As we were leaving the concert the guys were playing a game of cornhole in the parking lot by the tour busses. 

    Before the intermission was the customary (at Christian concerts) World Vision campaign, except the video shown was of the guys from Third Day.  They have recently visited Haiti and shot their own World Vision promotional video.  You could tell this charity is dear to them.

    It’s finally time for the headliners.  Third Day takes the stage.  They perform a few songs and Mac Powell tells us a little story about a friend of his who had written a book that is being made into a movie.  Mac said they are excited to have “Born Again” in that film.  The book is the best-selling “Seven Days in Utopia” by David L. Cook.  A clip of the movie can be viewed here:   The guys performed “Born Again” and invited the women to sing the part that Laura Story sang on the album.

    Lift Up Your face”, “Revelation”, “Children of God”, and “I’ve Always Loved You” kicked things off.  Most of new song “Surrender” was played from a small stage in the middle of the audience.  It was a quaint setting with few instruments.  “Surrender” has their signature southern rock sound and is one of my new favorites.  Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North joined them for a song as well. 

    Third Day rocked the crowd; everyone was singing, dancing and cheering while standing most of the time.  Mac did a short lesson on the correct pronunciation of Louisville with other band members.  He told them it’s not “Louis-ville”, it is “Looavul” and went on to tell us how much he loves the area.  He also gave a shout out to a group of women he met earlier in the day at Cracker Barrel.  

    They wrapped up the show and left the stage.  After about a minute the came out for the encore.  I love this band, I have seen them four times and every time they do an encore.  Their very last song of the evening was appropriately “Gone”, where again Mac gave the audience a speech lesson.   He wanted to be sure the crowd knew how to say it the southern way, with two or three syllables.  

    Third Day put on a great show; I think they get better each time I see them perform.  I was also able to interview Tai Anderson (bass) last month. You can read that here:  If you like them, even just a little, you should check them out in concert sometime.  It is well worth the ticket price, which is usually pretty low.  We enjoyed a long night of loud music and entertainment for $17.  You can’t say that about many concerts. 

    Photo source: Roxane Haynes 

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