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    Good evening class…although the ­­mighty Forecastle Festival has incorporated many a ‘knob turner’ into this year’s lineup, I have a feeling some of my thousands of readers still don’t know who Yeasayer is. 

    Now, to start I don’t say ‘knob turner’ in a derogatory sense to be truthful.  ‘Tradionalists’ in music, at least the few I know, use such a term for electronica style musicians who may not use ‘real’ instruments.  Hey, to each their own, pass the dutchie to the left hand side, and let’s all get along to honor the wishes of the late Rodney King.  This open-mindedness leads us to Yeasayer, who is truly in class of their own.  I had the fortune of catching them last year at Terminal 5, in NYC, and although their ‘hometown’ (Brooklyn/Manhattan to most Louisvillians would count as ‘hometown’…in truth their as different as Usain Bolt and yours truly) show was self admittedly doomed for some technical issues, it was astounding. I think Anand is an actual psychic/medium but they brought together studio elements into thier live performance flawlessly.  Using combinations of ‘real’ instruments, technology, and genius they awed the crowd with classics like 2080, Ambling Alp, and O.N.E. as well as new material.

    Tomorrow night promises the same, but be prepared for more new material.  In speaking with Ira, founding member and ‘just the bass player man’, the upcoming album represents the constant endeavor to create something unique, new and different than, not just anyone else but, their own previous material.  I really hope everyone comes out and all you lucky one headed to Forecastle this year, you may experience a colliding of your musical tastes and senses that could propel you further in the future than you hoped….get excited.

    Photo Credit: This guy from Terminal 5 show last year (penalty for thievery could be a 'Super Size Me' month retreat)

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