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    Thousands converge to celebrate comics at Derby City Comic Con
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    Thousands of comic book fans of all ages converged upon the Kentucky International Convention Center for the third annual Derby City Comic Con. Once inside, guests could browse through comics from vendors throughout Louisville and the region, purchase toys, gifts and art from vendors and creators alike, and attend panels on subjects ranging from bringing your friends into the comic book fandom to learning all of the ins and outs of self-publishing comics. The day also had two separate costume competitions for children and adults, a silent auction with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital, coloring and trivia contests, and of course, the fun and excitement of attending a con.

    Friday evening was the Derby City Comic Con, held at Loft 123 inside Patrick O’Shea’s on 123 W. Main St., where a few comic book artists created individual masterpieces for the silent auction the following day. The biggest masterpiece of all, however, came from announcements made by Derby City Comic Con owner and organizer Chuck Moore about the future of this yearly event. Here is what learned during the launch party:

    • The con will expand into a two-day event as of 2014, and will have a five-year plan set up with the Convention Center, ensuring stability in the foreseeable future.
    • The floor plan for cons from 2014 forward will be more visual in design.
    • 2015 will see the floor plan expand to include the second floor of the center, due to continuous requests from vendors and creators alike wanting to participate in the con; according to Moore, the amount of requests received would be equal to three Derby City Comic Cons  if fulfilled.
    • November 29, 2014 is the date set for the first annual “Halfway to Derby” – name tentative as of this writing – a smaller Derby City Comic Con approximately the same size as the Louisville Arcade Expo, and featuring a 50/50 split between comics and toy vendors in time for the Christmas season. The focus will still be upon local and regional creators and vendors, and is designed to keep the main con in the attention of local media. The location will be announced at a later date.
    • Finally, the show will aim to remain true to its roots – comic book artists from Louisville and the surrounding tri-state area – and will thus not build upon “the backs of media guests”: voice actors, actors from live-action properties et al.

    The next Derby City Comic Con will be held June 28 and 29, 2014.

    Photos: Cameron Miquelon/ and Facebook/Derby City Comic Con.

    The scene prior to the artists taking to the boards Friday evening at Patrick O'Shea's.
    Four previously created pieces on display prior to being auctioned off the following day.
    This Joker ain't fooling around.
    A furry finishes her piece unmasked.
    Derby City Comic Con owner and organizer Chuck Moore announcing the big changes in 2014 and beyond.
    A lot of energy was spent creating this piece, and wasn't fully colored at the time.
    One of the artists looking on before making his next move.
    Two Lokis greeted on their way out of the convention center for a brief errand.
    Once inside, guests could pick up a program guide featuring all they needed to know about this year's event.
    "I AM THE BATMAN!!!"
    It may look small on the outside, but the TARDIS is much bigger on the inside.
    The Louisville Free Public Library hosts their own anime con every August.
    "Tether" was just one of the many DIY and independent comics on display at the con.
    Eight-bit ponies are just what the Doctor (upper right) ordered; this writer later bought an 8-bit Rarity (lower left).
    If 8-bit art wasn't your thing, lots of comics, toys, games and gifts could be had for the offing.
    Case in point: $100 will net you this gear from the original "Star Trek" series.
    Steampunk gadget galore courtesy of the Corn Island Steampunk Society, based in Louisville.
    This Power Ranger protected the Lexington Comic & Toy Con booth from the evil Rita Repulsa.
    Three Aperture Science test subjects taking a break from GLaDOS's "tests." contributor Jenna Foster and her husband as the 11th Doctor and his companion.
    Numerous pieces of art were sold to the highest bidders during the silent auction for Kosair.
    Finn, Jake, Marceline and a couple of rainicorns take a break during their adventure time at the con.
    It may not be Xmas yet, but these little trees will warm your heart.
    The Riddler left a card, but when I turned to look behind me, nothing was there.
    "Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned how awesome Derby City Comic Con truly is. Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle."
    Princess Luna (right, with plush of herself in pony form) helped Fluttershy face her fear of large crowds.
    This vampire and Frankenstein bride do a lot of horror conventions along with cons like this one.
    Cobra's occupation of Texas lasted 10 hours less than Wendy Davis's filibuster on the floor of the state's house of representatives.
    Name every one of these characters starting... now!
    The 11th Doctor with his companion.
    Hellgirl and an Aperture Science test subject show off their respective arms.
    Hipsters can wax their 'staches all they want, but they'll never sparkle like this.
    Another Fluttershy was here; Pinkie Pie must've told her about the Mirror Pool.
    The obligatory Imperial Stormtrooper.
    Lara Croft raiding some tombs (and comic book vendors) at the con.
    Not in costume, but is rocking a tricorder from the original "Star Trek" series.
    A TARDIS wearing leggings from Australian fashion house Black Milk.
    Another TARDIS in a blue top hat and sonic screwdriver.
    Avengers (and Loki) assembled for the adult costume competiton.
    Former Voice-Tribune writer Ashley Anderson and Maker's Mark event planner Heather Perez emceed the adult competition while cosplaying themselves.
    The most metal Franken Berry ever, he was given Best in Show for his costume.
    The three winners of the women's division. Yes, there is a woman inside the Megazord.
    Cobra Commander shops for a few comics before Serpentor ruins his secret base.
    Until next year!

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