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    Marriage has gotten a bad wrap in the last 50 years.  People everywhere joke about the ball and chain, the torture of marriage or lament about their past experiences with it. At the front of the pack are comedians. I've learned during my time in show business that there are a lot of comedians who aren't really happy to begin with and use the stage as a sort of free therapy, which in a way gives us all a little bit of therapy.  Comedy is also known for sometimes taking a raunchy or even downright shocking turn.  While these art forms have their place, it was most refreshing to see a show full of positive energy and inspiration without one single curse word.

    Three Married Guys featuring Echo, Tim  McClendon and Chris Crowder was  a smashing success. The Improv show room was full, and everyone was having a great time.  The three men "who love their wives"  set out to create a show that celebrates marriage and to share the message that people can "laugh together, stay together".   Although the jokes sometimes bordered on complaining, the men made it clear that the ladies were in charge….and that they truly loved their children, their wives and …God. God was not part of the show topic, but was a brief mention by the comics.

    It was interesting to see a public display of a love for God and family in a secular comedy club in the middle of Fourth St Live…the place I had seen a Christian street preacher the week before yelling at everyone around them that they were evil for being there.

    You don't have to be religious to enjoy the show.  It is hilarious.  The comedians shared what they've learned since they've been married, what it's like going through the process of childbirth, and what their schedules are like, including a bible study night where "that one guy wants to talk about what bowling alleys are like in heaven".  


    You might appreciate the situations a little more if you are married, but singles  will still be able to laugh at the delivery or perhaps sympathize with the guys.   The audience had both singles and married couples in attendance, and it was hard to tell if I should want to be married after watching it or be glad that I am not.   Either way - I left the show energized and feeling great. They did a really good job of putting together a successful show that I hope to see on the road.  I think they're really on to something.


    Photo: Three Married Guys Headline at The Improv

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