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    Since you all are such faithful global readers you know my slight penchant for female rock 'n rollas.  The latest on my strictly professional admiration list is ZZ Ward, who some may know as she's apparently played here before but for the love of the internet I couldn't find it (thanks for nothing Al Gore!).  I first heard her play this past VooDoo Fest in New Orleans and was immediately taken aback by the power of her vocals.

    Obviously my writings are so powerfully accurate and often prophetic, I always try to avoid other articles of artists before I first preview them.  With ZZ, I'm going to go ahead and tell you to imagine a hybrid of a primetime Amy Winehouse with hints of Fiona who gets beat up by Grace Potter.  Totally feasible right?  Soulful, blues infused, rock jams with more range than your Trader Joe's chicken.  Had the chance to chat with her recently, good looks Hollywood Records and Heather Davis, and she actually has a similar practice of not listening to a lot of other music while she writes which, lucky for us, she's doing currently.  She also likes bourbon 'of course', a good time crowd (so let's sell it out as people 'always seem to have a good time'), and fans that have her lyrics tattooed on them.  I know we already have at least 2/3 so let's do this people.  You won't be disappointed.  


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