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    Tobin-Hewett Gallery celebrates a growing, content-based aspect of contemporary art class in Scale/Detail: Small works with Powerful Presence, an exhibit that bridges the gap between studio crafts and fine arts.  The exhibit runs from March 4 through April 8.

    When the general public thinks of contemporary glass, they usually have visions of large, flamboyant, colorful works. This exhibit shows an entirely different direction. These pieces invite you to get close and carefully consider them,” said Marta Hewett, co-owner of the gallery.

    The exhibit includes about two dozen pieces produced by artists from across the world that t/files/storyimages/to make work on a smaller scale, Hewett said. Most of the pieces are 12 x 12 inches in cubic diameter and reflect different or combined techniques: blowing, flame-working, casting, and glass mixed with other media.

    “These pieces are for the most part contemplative and more content-oriented, although their finished quality is still exceptional.  We have been seeing increasingly more artists throughout the past decade use glass as a medium for a more personal means of self expression.  This has happened as more young people enter the field and mature artists from other media discover the expressive possibilities of glass.”

    At press time, eight artists had confirmed participation.  They include the pop-inspired work of Julie Alland, whose cast glass and mixed media pieces often depict common objects like Oreo cookies and Dixie cups.  Also featured are Carmen Lozar’s intimate, flame-worked pieces which explore the fragility and tenuous quality of nature, and blown and sculpted head forms by Czechoslovakian artist Martin Janecky, which address the collective unconscious of all human beings.  Other artists include Michael Aschenbrenner, David Hering, Kathleen Elliot, Shane Fero and Josh Simpson.

    About Tobin-Hewett Gallery:  Tobin-Hewett Gallery is the area's premier venue featuring distinctive works in glass for private and public acquisition.  The gallery is in the Glassworks building at 815 W. Market Street. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information:

    Scale/Detail Small Works with Powerful Presence

    ARTIST LIST confirmed by Feb. 15

    Julie Alland, USA                              cast glass/mixed media

    Michael Aschenbrenner, USA            hand formed glass

    Kathleen Elliot, Australia                    flame-worked glass

    Shane Fero, USA                             flame-worked glass

    David Hering, USA                            blown glass 

    Martin Janecky, Czechoslovakia        blown/hand sculpted glass

    Carmen Lozar, USA                          flame-worked glass/mixed media

    Josh Simpson, USA                           blown glass

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