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    Tonight: RiffTrax Live skewers 'Starship Troopers'
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    I've got me a thing for Paul Verhoeven movies. I do. I don't know why. They're generally not good – but they are almost always – what's the word – special. Awesomely, spectacularly so. Whether its his sex-soaked pre-American career (a la Katie Tippel and Spetters), his bombastic science-fiction American film roster (see: Robocop and, my personal favorite, Total Recall), or the absolutely amazing, hilarious, unbelievably awesomely terrible Showgirls (for which Verhoeven was classy enough to show up to the Golden Raspberries to accept his various rewards), watching a Verhoeven film is a guaranteed good time. (A side note: there is an anomaly, the 2006 film Black Book, the production for which he returned to the Netherlands. This is an actually very good film.)

    But let's talk about Starship Troopers. It is set in the future, with the world living happily in a military state – happily, except for the fact that out in space there is a race of hostile bug-like aliens which need to be exterminated. Our hero, Johnny Rico, is rearing and ready to go save the universe. Verhoeven is trying really hard to say something with this film. It is a satire on the military and extreme nationalism. Thematically, there are things to discuss here. But: it's really bad. This movie is hilarious. Which is why it's perfect for tonight's event: the broadcast of the skewering of the film by RiffTrax Live, a Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque group o' guys who make fun of movies for your entertainment.

    The broadcast of their take on Starship Troopers is tonight, Thursday, at 8:00 at three different theaters: New Albany Stadium 16 (300 Professional Ct.), Cinemark Stonybrook (2745 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy.), and Cinemark Tinseltown (4400 Towne Center Drive). Complete details can be found at the RiffTrax Live event page.

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