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    Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher
    The guy wears khakis and a University of Louisville polo with pasta stains. He issues strange rants, invoking 9/11, Ted Kennedy and the Khmer Rouge. The woman sports a low-cut dress and handcuffs, and sips a mojito telling everyone that she only leaves the house to go to church. Bonus: Get a second guy to dress up as Pitino's assistant, Vinnie Tatum: that costume involves just laying facedown on the floor.

    Southern Belles: Louisville
    Assemble five young women who don't know each other and have them pretend to be best friends for the evening. One should change hairstyles constantly, pausing only to talk about her new hair. One should wear a gaudy engagement ring that she talks about endlessly, only to have it disappear the final few minutes of the evening. One should be a beautiful African-American who stands by herself in the corner, ignored by the other girls. Bonus: Get a sixth girl to dress up as a judge; she'll stand a few steps behind the five belles, making out with one of their fiances.

    Paris Hilton
    Appear at a Halloween party dressed slutty and sounding dumb. Demand $50,000. Leave after 30 minutes. Bonus: Have a guy dressed as Jerry Abramson (suit with pocket square) following Hilton around all evening, throwing money at her.

    For more information: "Halloween-themed road rally"Danger Run offers scares, thrills and fun.

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