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    It was a sold out event for the Actors Theatre of Louisville for its annual fundraiser at the Marriott Downtown.  I was able to go into the room before anyone else. You could tell that it was an event that was working within a budget but Barry Wooley pulled it off magnificently.

    Everything upon opening the door had a blue cascade of color upon it which made it very soothing to spend an evening. The master of ceremonies for the evening was Barry Bernson, which I am huge, crazy fan. I met him a few time when working with Bulleit Bourbon. I literally have his show on every morning and he is effortlessly funny. (I turned the dial on the satellite everyday for Berry Berson while waiting for the school bus. I think he came on right after Rocky and Bullwinkle).

    But back to Lobster Feast: The moves on the dance floor were unrivalled with other events around town. I wondered when someone would finally play "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

    Although the event was a huge success what I took notice of were people talking about me--kind of. They were talking about my Cecelia Perez dress actually. Dresses from her new collection had been delivered to my office about 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Sunday Pitts was in the office with me rehearsing for an audition. As woman do, we dropped everything to browse the clothes. Everything Perez had sent was a wrap of sorts. Not one dress had a zipper. I pulled out a lime green dress. Seriously, I had never worn a lime green dress nor had I seen one.

    Now, understand that I am consistently shocking this region with strange clothes--or hardly no clothes at all--but I don't usually take that risk personally. I put it on and went directly into my studio and asked Andrew Kung what he thought about it. I received two thumbs up. I'll take a lime green dress please! I would never let anyone see that I was feeling modest about the lime green, plunging neck line, and the slit going up my thigh. I didn't so much as get off the elevator at everyone was staring at me. Immediately-literally immediately- people were saying aloud that they adored my dress and style. I spent the entire evening smiling and saying "this is a Cecelia Perez, thank you very much!"

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