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    As Valentine’s day speedily approaches, I unveil what it takes to win my love.

    I was covering the Kentucky Derby Festival Poster Premier at The Henry Clay with Sunday Pitts last night for Trends 10 of If you know me, I complain about going to all events, but when I actually walk through the doors I am glad I had come. I didn't want the black attire to set my mood for the evening. As we walked into The Hentry Clay, we were surrounded by beautiful smiles at an equally stunning venue.

    So what does it take for Christan Turner to fall in love with you? I enjoy falling in love with people, places, and things but to get me to do that is a tough task. Making my heart skip a beat The Willow Tree in one evening gave me permission to be a woman that smiles in today's business world. As we made our way around the Architype’s booth filled with very cool, colapseable purses, I couldn’t help but thinking about the beautiful hate that lay just ahead of me.

    Sunday Pitts said "Now that is what I want for the Kentucky Derby." Per Sunday's instruction I glanced over to immediately take notice of the bold colors and abundant shapes. Many colors, just like my personality, were placed in the back of my mind. There was so much energy in that side of the room. You wouldn't believe the room of men smiling at women, it was that contagiously beautiful. Feather's swaying as people walked by, waves of material three feet wide, and the woman at the heart of the product shined with magnificent glory. I knew this was something special and my love for this product would carry a lifetime. 

    I want to feel like the woman I am, and want to be. I want expression to show that I feel blessed to have the opportunities that I do. To be an entrepreneur you need to be very tough, focused, and consumed. Sometimes you feel the inner you, shifting to fit that mold. I want to be a mom, I want to relax, and I want myself and my family to be successful. I met June M. Bale along with Sunday Pitts. Three woman became friends while photographers with brite lights- She put her arms around us and said,”You both represent The Willow Tree really well.” I'm fortunate to see firsthand the beauty of June Bale's smile, and her enthusiasm for her brilliant art. Nothing sells a product better than a smile.

    As for the poster, here's Louisville's James Thornton of Oz Publishing work:

    Kentucky Derby Poster 2010


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