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    I know Lindsey Vonn’s cover of "Sports Illustrated" was a hot story early on in these Winter Olympics. I can’t get the scrutiny out of my head. 

    I can’t believe that this young woman from Minnesota gets criticism from her own country for being fashionable. It's not just a photo: take the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine from this site's main page.  It has a brilliant blue-to-gray sky, a beautiful backdrop.  I see the header reading Olympic. I now see "Sports Illustrated." As my eye progress down, I meet the star of the show: Lindsey Vonn--a woman, which makes me happy, I already know whatever she is doing I’m probably going to be rooting for her.

    Her stance is a little exaggerated and I love it. So now we need to address the Spyder issue. Spyder is outfitting Vonn and U.S. team, I just want the world to know that her choice in wardrobe is not because it’s sexy. Her choice is wardrobe is not because she’s trying to be provocative.

    Spyder is what Lindsey Vonn wears to work.  

    As a design, it was calculated well. The suit was the perfect color choice. I liked it because it imitated a sophisticated Burberry design, for a very Minnesota superstar. While some people in the general public call this outfit provocative, again, it's what she wears to work. As for the pose? Skiers crouch.

    The Red Bull headband does a good job keeping her ears warm without taking away from her smile--the mostimportant part of the photograph because it shows how proud she is.  Here is a 26-year-old young lady, she has the Olympic Games and all its beauty behind her, she has a male-dominated magazine like "Sports Illustrated" placing her on the cover and proclaiming her “America’s best woman skier ever" and she has me waiving my American flag right now. 

    There is nothing more fashionable than when hard work turns into success. Although it helps to have the Olympics, "Sports Illustrated," Sypder, Red Bull, and Head ensuring that everyone knows just how fashionable you really are

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    Photo: Courtesy Sports Illustrated

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