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    I couldn't wait to be surrounded by the ladies of the Younger Woman's Club Candy Ball this past Saturday. This group of fine Louisville women ages 21 to 45 not only make a difference professionally but are committed to others who are less fortunate. They host many events throughout Louisville and since 1921 have raised more than $3 million to benefit local non-profit agencies.

    But, this is a fashion column: not only have these women succeeded in business and helping others, but they look fantastic in doing it.

    It was going to be a modest evening for me. I put on some black slacks, cashmere cardigan with ruffles (yes, people still wear cardigans) and my wear-to-all black jacket. I felt pretty insecure as I walked into Marriott Downtown though, which was filled with more than a hundred woman in formal ball gowns. It was incredible, these woman were in the most extravagant dresses that I had seen here in Louisville! I tried to cover up my insecurity with a smile though.

    As I circulated the room, I searched to find the most incredibly dressed woman and tell her how phenomenal she is. I was squeezing between the crowd, my head towards the ground, I didn't compromise any ornate stitching with my own heal. These dresses were truly from a Disney fairytale.

    Then I struck gold! Ok, not gold but a metallic blue pair of killer pumps. Her dress was full of spirit and trend, everything I wanted. What I loved mostly that when many woman try too hard, Peggy Heuser played the less-is-more card and won. After speaking with Peggy, I found that this outfit came from the heart: her 22-year-old son living in New York picked this design as a gift for his mother. It sounds ridiculous but when you follow your heart you are usually right.

    Please take a moment to view the YWC website and see how you may become involved

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