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    If there was a "Artists To Watch" list of Louisville bands, Twin Limb would be at the top of it.

    Originally a duo of Lacey Guthrie and Maryliz Guillemi, Twin Limb has been making their live rounds at places like Decca and Zanzabar for the past couple of months. Until recently, the band was an accordian/guitar and drum duo, bringing Kevin Ratterman as a third. Ratterman is also producing their debut record.

    For those who have not listenened to them before, you can now hear their first song online called "Long Shadow" available on Bandcamp.

    "Long Shadow" is a great dream pop nugget. It starts with a quiet accordion and military style drum beat, but thirty seconds in a beautiful organ rushes in like the sun through dark clouds. Vocals are hypnotizing and the string section is classical and soothing.

    The sound reminds me of a melancholy time where everything's not okay, but that, in itself, is okay. It's not supposed to be okay. With the first song, Twin Limb captures a terrific emotion in their unique brand of music. It's evident the studio is elevating their sound.

    You had better catch this group before they get big. Luckily for you, they play Zanzabar tomorrow night, opening for Landlady. Tickets for that are $8. In February, perhaps the most important stretch of their short career starts when they open for Houndmouth on 14 dates across the country.

    You can check out all Twin Limb information at their Facebook page here.

    Photo courtesy of Twin Limb's bandcamp page.

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