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    Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Aaron Gillespie about his band, The Almost, their new record, and their upcoming concert with Relient K in Louisville.

    Before being the front man of The Almost, Aaron Gillespie was the drummer and occasional singer in the popular Christian band Underoath. With two prominent bands under his belt, I wondered what started his passion for music. He told me he always wanted to play music and felt that it was God’s calling for him. As for the Christian aspect of his music, he said, “That’s who I am, so everything runs through that lens.” He went on to say that you can’t split up your life into Christian and non-Christian parts. “It’s all or nothing,” he said.

    Gillespie’s answer was simple when I asked him to describe his music. “It’s rock and roll.” He went on to say that a lot of musicians will over-describe their music, but it’s all rock and roll at the core. When asked what fans can expect from the new record, he said, “It’s different because we did the whole thing live in a few days.” He explained, “It has an urgent vibe. It’s raw and real sounding. We wanted to make a record true to who we are live.”

    Since Louisville is has an abundance of budding bands, I decided to ask Aaron Gillespie if he had any advice for local Christian musicians. What he said took me by surprise because it wasn’t sugarcoated. He stated bluntly, “Do it because it’s real. The Christian music genre is turning into the ‘strange stuff genre’ because you have to act a certain way. People want the truth, and they want you to live it out.”

    Catch Aaron Gillespie’s band, The Almost, this Friday, July 5th at Headliner’s Music Hall. The Almost will be performing with Driver Friendly and renowned Christian band Relient K, famous for hits like “Pressing On,” “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been,” and “Be My Escape.” The concert starts at 7:30pm; doors open at 7:00pm. Do you want to know the best part? This concert only costs $18! For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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