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    Mike Tyson  and Danny Williamswill fight live on pay per view, Friday, July 30. The TYSON-WILLIAMS fight will be held at Freedom Hall and begin at 9 p.m. The event will also be viewable on SHOWTIME Pay Per View.

    Quotes from Press Conference:

    : “I am delighted to be fighting in Louisville, the home of champions. I look forward to fighting Danny Williams. I am not here today to be a tough guy. I will be a tough guy on July 30.”

    (Regarding his first day of sparring in 17 months):
    “It just felt great to be in the ring. I just realized that I missed this tremendously. In five, 10, 15 years, people forget you. I really enjoy the sound of the crowds, the sounds of the gloves hitting the head and my opponent hitting the mat.”

    “I am the most foolish person I know. I am a fool, but I am glad to be back.”

    “When I make my mind up, that is when I fight. I have been foolish not to fight. I have been a fool for 16 months. I have not done a thing that has benefited me. I have been training for a few months. You guys (the media) will be the judgment on whether I have the eye of the tiger or not.”

    “I have had a checkered past, but this is the greatest country in the world. I certainly deserve a second chance to sweep the past away.”

    “I went into a shell. Sometimes, I have too much. There are too many distractions. I wish I could juggle them more successfully. I take things too personal. I chose to live that life. I do not like to live by anyone’s rules.”

    “I did not stay in a homeless shelter. I did not live a life I was accustomed to in the last few years.”

    “I love to do what I do to pay all of my bills. You guys write the good and the bad. It is part of my life. I am more emotional. This is a highly intense magnifying glass that I am under. I do not do these things intentionally. That is what I told my girlfri/files/storyimages/before she left me.”

    (On fighting in Louisville):
    “They gave me the price that I wanted.”

    (On fighting Antonio Tarver):
    “I am concentrating on Williams now. I have seen him fight. He is a good and improved fighter, and so am I.”


    (Currently Training at Gleason’s Gym in New York)
    “Be ready for a fight Mike.”

    “Tyson is a tremendous fighter. To get to the top, I have to fight fighters like him. I have been training hard. I am going to get this victory.”

    “I am happy with the role as an underdog. I am fighting the greatest heavyweight in the world. This is the time to raise my game. This is definitely the toughest fight of my career.”

    “I am not going to give you my game plan. My plan is to win.”

    “This is like a world title fight. I have to give everything I have. There will not be any fooling around.”

    “There is a lot of excitement for this fight in London. A lot of people think I am going to get knocked out, but I am going to prove them wrong. I know Tyson has been out of the ring for a long time. I want what he has got - big houses, big cars. I think this is a job, and I am going to outbox him.”

    “Holyfield showed what he could do against Tyson. I am going to fight him and box him.”

    “This is a new experience for me. It has got me pumped up. I am happy about it. There is not pressure on me. I am going to raise my game. When I fought “C” class opponents, they raised their game.”

    (Regarding his sixth-round TKO loss to Sinan Samilsam on Feb. 8, 2003):

    “I had shingles that night. I was not 100 percent. I have only been knocked out twice in my career. I was just not 100 percent that day.”

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