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    LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The University of Louisville has formed a committee of 24 community and state leaders to aid in planning the Cardinals' move to the Big East Conference.

    U of L President Dr. James Ramsey assembled the committee, which will be charged with advising the university on facilities, support, and programmatic issues affecting Cardinal Athletics as U of L enters the Big East Conference in 2005. The committee will be co-chaired by Ulysses "Junior" Bridgeman and Owsley Frazier.

    "It is crucial that U of L, initially and long term, compete at its highest level in this new conference," said Ramsey. "There will be national media attention focused on all the universities leaving C-USA for the Big East, and we want U of L to use this opportunity to achieve greater recognition for its athletic and academic accomplishments."

    Members of the committee include Nolen Allen, Bridgeman, Scott Brinkman, Ellen Call, Ron Carmicle, Larry Clark, Bill Forman, Frazier, Gordon Gahm, Ed Glasscock, Ernie Harris, Mike Heitz, Wade Houston, Joni Jenkins, Tom Jurich (ex officio and senior consultant), Karen Koshewa, Ryan McKinley, Bill Pierce, Woody Porter, Sandy Metts Snowden, David Snowden, Bill Stone, Dan Ulmer and George Unseld.

    The committee has four areas of focus, including:

  • 1. Assess according to each Cardinal athletic program the facilities, support, and other data relative to the institutions in the Big East Conference and report UofL's statistical standing among these universities.
  • 2. Based upon the findings above, develop a plan to assure teams for UofL's 21 sports align competitively with the Big East Conference member sports. Include in this plan, as appropriate, recommendations for tactical and strategic actions to 1) upgrade or improve UofL's existing athletic capital assets, and 2) construct as needed facilities that will insure the competitive recruitment and performance of Cardinal athletes.

    Included would be an analysis for funding alternatives and capital priorities.

  • 3. Recomm/files/storyimages/a media plan that takes advantage of Cardinal Athletics participation in the Big East Conference, that promotes the initiatives of this committee to meet UofL's challenges and opportunities in the new conference, and that leverages our Big East membership to communicate the goals and vision of the University as a preeminent metropolitan research university.
  • 4. Identify specific audiences who can help implement the tactical and strategic actions designed to achieve established goals, and develop a plan to reach these crucial individuals/entities.

    The group will first meet later this month or in early January. A preliminary report is to be submitted by March 1 and a final report by June 1.

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