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    The U of L French Film Festival presents 'Le Havre'
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    I went to France once. It was two and a half years ago. That is a long time; it doesn't feel like quite so long – my memories are still quite vivid. It's the best trip I've ever taken. France is beautiful. I was there for three weeks: two in Montpellier, in the south, near the Mediterranean, and one in Paris. Paris, by the way, is incredibly hyped up and full of annoying tourists. Montpellier was wonderful, though, and I would live there, if I spoke the language. Many wonderful things happen in France: good food, good wine, a beautiful language, and, of course, some fantastic films.

    As we have previously mentioned, throughout the month of February, the University of Louisville presents the French Film Festival at the Floyd Theater. This week, the film to be showcased is

    Aki Kaurismäki's

    Le Havre

    . Andre Wilms stars as Marcel Marx, an aging shoeshiner who once had grand literary ambitions. While caring for his sick wife, Arletty (Kati Outinen), Marx meets a young African immigrant who lands in the town of Le Havre illegally. He takes in the youth and protects him, in defiance of the law.

    Le Havre

    will be screened at the Floyd Theater tonight, Thursday, at 5:00 and 8:00, and tomorrow at 5:00. Tonight's 5:00 screening will be followed by a discussion led by Tracy Heightchew, president of the Louisville Film Society. Admission is free. The Floyd Theater is located on the third floor of the Student Activities Center on the U of L campus (look for the clock tower). See the Facebook event page for details, and click here for the complete lineup for the French Film Festival.

    Image: Internet Movie Database

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    There are legitimate theories that the Big Bang originated from the collapse of a black hole in a fourth-dimensional universe. This stuff fascinates me, and I love reading about it. I love reading about science. And about anything, for that matter, provided it's interesting - and everything is potentially interesting, so I'm fascinated by a lot of things. I also read a lot of fiction (Kurt Vonnegut deserves deification) and watch a lot of movies (Charlie Chaplin also deserves deification). I've made a few short films myself. I'm also a writer of everything - I'm close to a Bachelor's in English at IUS. My life consists of reading, writing, bartending, and taking care of my daughter full-time. Life is busy and life is stressful, but that's why there's music and art and other forms of relaxation.

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