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    The U of L SAB Film Committee presents the Tour de Floyd and 'Brother Outsider'
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    Yes, boys and girls, it is time once again for our weekly segment, What's Happening At the Floyd Theater, wherein we discuss all the goings-on of the University of Louisville's on-campus home for the cinematic arts. Regular attendees know that the Floyd usually screens two films each week, from Thursday to Saturday, but this week is a bit different. Regular programming is disrupted to make room for two special events.

    First up is the Tour de Floyd, taking place tomorrow (Wednesday). Attendees will be privileged with a sneak peak into the projection room and the inner workings of the theater. Following this, you are invited to stick around for screenings of movie trailers and a free lunch (which apparently does

    exist). The Tour de Floyd will take place at noon.

    Thursday brings a very special screening of the film

    Brother Outsider

    , a documentary about civil and gay rights activist Bayard Rustin, who would have reached the age of 100 this year. Rustin was a devotee of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.'s mentor; he was the organizer of the 1963 march on Washington. He was a man of great courage, not only challenging the establishment in terms of racial equality, but living as an openly gay man in a very hostile social climate.

    In attendance at the screening will be Mandy Carter, coordinator of the Bayard Rustin Commemoration project, and Rustin's surviving partner Walter Naegle. This event is free and begins with refreshments at 6:30; the film will screen at 7:00. This event does not take place in the Floyd, but in the SAC Multipurpose Room.

    The Student Activities Center is located on the University of Louisville campus – look for the clock tower. Further information can be found at the SAB Film Committee Facebook page, or the Facebook pages for either specific event (Tour de Floyd and

    Brother Outsider


    Image: 'Brother Outsider' Facebook event page

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