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    The yearly March Madness experienced here in Kentucky certainly has a tendency to reveal the smarmy underbelly of NCAA basketball fans; perhaps University of Kentucky Wildcat fans, in particular.  And, lest readers suspect this judgment reflects the unabashed (and undenied) prejudice of the University of Louisville supporter writing this article, we direct them to an interesting item appearing a couple of days ago on Craigslist.

    It seems a Mr. posted an offer to trade his wife (at least temporarily) for some tickets to the Final Four basketball games being held next weekend in New Orleans:

    “I am a UK fan want2012 tickets.jpging to go to the Final Four in N'Oleans. I have put up my wife as collateral. She can make you speak 5 languages you never knew you could speak. I am not feeling my best so I have to use my sexy mama to get me to the game. She is completely game, is a little picky, but if you make her howl at the moon while making her speak portugese or something I don't get out of her then by all means.....have at it and let me see my UK Wildcats!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes it is bad to do this, but it the Kentucky faithful dammit. Look out for the Bluegrass State and hook this pimp up okay?”

    uk-wildcats.jpgGoodness!  Mr. “kmn3q” did not include a photograph of his “completely game,” albeit “picky,” spouse; nor did he enumerate the other languages beyond Portuguese, in which she is fluent.  Readers who fancy they might be able to make Mrs. “kmn3q” howl at the moon are nevertheless cautioned that the proffered transaction—while evidently not in violation of Craigslist rules—is probably a crime in most states.  Even Kentucky.

    Meanwhile, in our slightly more sedate town on the banks of the Ohio River, our new mayor, Greg Fischer, announced today that he has declared Friday, March 30, as Cardinal Red Day in Louisville.  Saying he wants the city to set a world’s record for the most people wearing red in one day, Mayor Fischer is encouraging folks to wear red, business to display red in their windows and doors and residents to show red at their homes and in their neighborhoods.

    FISCHER JERSEY.jpg“I want to paint the town red – literally,” Fischer said. “Everyone knows that UK fans will be seeing red when the Cards win on Saturday.”  The mayor said if there is no world’s record category for Most People Wearing Red in a Day, the city will simply create one and declare victory.  “This is a great time to be a Louisvillian and to show your support for our hometown team,” Fischer said.  Red bulbs in porch lights will apparently be tolerated; but just this once.

    People may download and print the Mayor’s special proclamation — colored red — here (5 MB PDF file download).

    cardinal red day 2012.jpgMayor Fischer originally had an idea for a community rally in support of the Cardinals in their Final Four basketball contest with Kentucky, to be held on the plaza in front of the KFC Yum! Center some evening this week, or in advance of the Saturday game in New Orleans.  But University of Louisville’s Athletics Department didn’t think much of the idea.  Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter told Courier-Journal reporter Sheldon Shafer:  “The mayor wanted it. He thought it would be good for the city, but U of L put the ax on it. There will be no rally.”

    U of L athletics officials said they wanted the team to stay focused on the game and they also feared that the rally would cause band members and cheerleaders to miss too much class time.  And, at a press conference Tuesday, U of L Coach Rick Pitino, said, “We have been on the road so long, the kids have missed so much school, there’s no time” for a rally.

    louisvillecardinals.jpgU of L campus police have announced their plan to close Cardinal Boulevard between 3rd and 4th streets to vehicle traffic on game night, and are planning an increased presence after the game just to make sure things don't get out of control.

    The tendency of folks around here to go a little goofy during basketball tournamenchristian laetner.JPGt season was explained yesterday by University of Louisville psychologist Dr. Stan Frager, who explained why people often get so out of hand.  "Everybody has all this exuberance they want to share. We kind of lose some of our rationale thinking," Dr. Frager said.  And, since those celebrations often include alcohol, it's a recipe that can lead to trouble.  "They want a public demonstration of, 'I'm really behind our team, and how can I show it,' and unfortunately, sometimes it's by mischief," Dr. Frager said.

    WAVE-3:  Psychologist weighs in on why crowds go crazy during celebrations

    ---------------'s The Arena section features opinions from active participants in the city's politics. Their viewpoints are not those of (a website is an inanimate object and, as such, has no opinions).  The Arena is read by more people in Louisville than in any other city in America.  Go Cards!

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