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    This particular Mediterranean cafe will catch you completely off-guard with their different and delicious brunch menu Saturdays 7 am-Noon and Sundays 7 am-3 pm , featuring beignets, breakfast burritos, and much more.  

    Sunday after church my friends suggested that we try Burning Bush Grill for brunch. They described it as a "better Wild Eggs". I was a little skeptical at first because one, I had never heard of it and two, I absolutely love Wild Eggs as well as it's sister Wild Rita's. When we pulled into the parking lot of this strip mall in Prospect I got even more skeptical, and then I read the sign "Burning Bush Grille Mediterranean Cafe" there was a split second where my skepticism went to full-blown doubt, and I thought that if it came down to it, I would just have coffee. 

    We set down and our friends, our brilliant friends (might I add) ordered a dozen beignets ($11.99). Hot coffee was poured all around in cute, mismatched mugs, and just as our children were about to lose it the hot, donutty pillows covered in powdered sugar and surrounded by swirls of cream cheese icing arrived just in time. The warm, soft, chewy, sweetness just melted in my mouth, which ended up being the perfect accompaniment to my coffee and the start of a delicious meal. 

    After the kids devoured their beignets, orders of pancakes and bacon filled the table. Kung Fu Panda was even graciously put on the TV for the kids' enjoyment. The way they catered to our kids was unlike any restaurant (especially for brunch) that I have ever experienced. By a few simple, thoughtful acts we were all able to enjoy our food and conversation with ease.

    The waitress recommended that I try the veggie burrito ($7.99): a flour tortilla filled with black beans, pepper jack cheese, ripe avocado, fresh pico, perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs. The fresh ingredients all grilled together made all the difference, but the side of garlicky, creamy, cheesy grits were a surprisingly delicious addition.


    Our food didn't come out extremely fast. Chef Alastair only has a tiny grill that can cook up a few meals at a time, so dishes didn't all come out together either; only a couple at a time, but service was friendly and the beignets had taken the edge off our hunger.

    Eventually, along with my burrito, our table was covered in an assortment of dishes: The Hope's Farmers Breakfast Skillet ($8.99)-the freshest vegetables available and Kenny's farmhouse cheese mixed with home fries and sweet peppers and topped with two eggs sunny-side up; the Classic Breakfast Skillet ($8.99) with sweetly spiced sausage, Kenny's white cheddar cheese, mixed with home fries and sweet peppers and also topped with two eggs sunny side up; Eggs Denny ($8.99)


    a toasted english muffin which was then topped with sausage, over easy eggs, and creamy hollandaise sauce.


    All of these dishes got rave reviews, and we topped it all off with a half-dozen order of beignets ($5.99) for the kids (and a bite or two for the adults). "Breakfast by Chef Alastair" was a huge and unexpected hit at a Mediterranean grille, in a strip mall, in Prospect.

    Check out Burning Bush Grille here!

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