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    Go-Go Amy
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    Go-Go Amy and I met in a dirty bar in Las Vegas. She likely doesn’t remember me, but I remember her. She was a tattooed vintage beauty queen with smack-your-senses bright red hair and a shimmy I’d never seen. She also willingly climbed into a Chinese Execution Blade Box and shared the stage with a 27-inch-tall balloon-swallowing little person. Me? I just watched, wide-eyed and in wonder.

    This was Pretty Things Peepshow, a traveling vaudeville troop featuring beautiful burlesque and an array of sideshow acts. Go-Go Amy founded it in New York City, inspired by her years of professional work as a burlesque dancer, pin-up model and costume maker. On stage, Go-Go Amy exuded confidence and poise, even before she peeled layers off in smoothly choreographed numbers. Like most good pin-up models and burlesque performers, her power was less in near-nudity and more in the winks, the “come hither” stare, and the shine in her eyes that suggested she was having more fun performing than I was having watching.

    I left that rundown bar wanting to be Go-Go Amy, or at the very least, feel like she performed. This weekend, I get my chance. And so do you.

    On Saturday, May 26, Go-Go Amy returns to Louisville to host her world-famous Pin-Up Class at Boudoir Louisville (414 Baxter Ave). The six-hour class introduces women to the history of the pin-up, teaches styling and posing tips, and ends with participants demonstrating their new abilities and knowledge in their own photo shoot. Everyone will receive a book with additional resources, in order to ensure that unleashing your inner bombshell isn't a one-time thing.

    No prior pin-up knowledge is needed. The class stresses a fun, body-positive atmosphere and welcomes everyone both women who have little to no experience with makeup and seasoned models. Women will receive digital copies of their photos – great for portfolios, Facebook profiles and Christmas cards. OK, maybe not your Christmas card, but certainly the photos will serve as a reminder of your timeless beauty.

    Women will bring their own pinup or old Hollywood outfits to the class. To get an idea of potential outfits, visit the photo galleries at Boudoir Louisville's website. Bring a few options, if you can. Whatever you don’t wear during class you can rock at Beatersville Car and Bike Show on Sunday, May 27. (There, Go-Go Amy and her Pretty Things Peepshow will perform, and Boudoir Louisville will sponsor a Miss Beatersville competition, whose contestants you can check out on their Facebook page.)

    Go-Go Amy’s Pin-Up Modeling Class is $250, with $125 due upfront to reserve a spot. Reservations can be made at For additional details, e-mail Boudoir Louisville owner Ryan Armbrust at If you recognize the name, it may be because he is a contributing photographer here at

    Go-Go Amy, in a press photo for Pretty Things Peepshow
    Boudoir Louisville Owner/Photographer Ryan Armhurst shoots Go-Go Amy
    Go-Go Amy

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