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    I know, I know — the Derby is gone...until next year.  Although we are still in the middle of the thoroughbred racing season, most Kentuckians aren't nearly as concerned with the second and third legs of the Triple Crown (especially if there is no horse that has a chance of winning said crown). So now it is time to start planning your next Derby event.

    If you are a business professional of any kind, what better way to impress out-of-town clients (maybe some local ones too) than to take them to the Kentucky Derby? The Derby is an event that only our city can offer. If you are willing to spend the money to reserve a box or suite, I can pretty much guarantee any client you bring will reciprocate by using your products or services.

    As a realtor I want to give people reasons to relocate to Louisville if they are considering doing so. Bringing them to the Derby will provide them with a unique experience they will never forget. It may not be necessary to spend thousands of dollars for the most luxurious suite, but it is important to cater to your clientele. Planning the event now will ensure that you do not have to resort to crazy tactics in obtaining tickets, and you will be well prepared when we approach Derby season next year.

    As locals we know our city has much to offer. From our diverse, independently owned dining scene to the arts and the parks, Louisville is truly a great place to live.  The Kentucky Derby, however, is a global event and is just begging to be used.

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    I am a 5th generation Louisvillian and very passionate about my city. I love food, sports (big U of L fan),and spending time with my family. I have a son named Joe (born 8/18/09) and a beautiful wife, Mary. I am also a licensed Realtor with Judah Real Estate Group. I would love to share my knowledge of the area in assisting you with any and all of your real estate needs.

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