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    Movies are popped into the DVD player in my house when I need a break--an instant, free babysitter (run time 1:42, hurry, mop that floor, fold those clothes, get a little drunk... my personal show-tune). But taking your children to witness live theater is an enriching experience for the entire family. I clearly remember the first play my aunt took me to: Jesus Christ Superstar and it changed me forever. I bought the album, would act and sing in front of the mirror and began coming out of my quiet shell at school. My natural magnetism to the spotlight emerged and I bought bellbottoms. Aunt Lelia introduced me to this live, creative world and I am eternally grateful.

    Now that I have my own children, children that lack one iota of shyness, children that crave storytelling, I realize how important live theater is for fostering confidence and introducing just how creative human beings can be--right there in front of you instead of the detached silver-screen variety.

    Derby Dinner Playhouse in Louisville is the perfect setting for family theater. The performances are entertaining, the seats are comfortable, and they feed you. For over 35 years, Derby Dinner has entertained families in Louisville. Check out one of the current offerings for families.

    Alexander, Who’s Not Not Not Not Not...Going to Move!: Based on the popular children’s book, Alexander just received the devastating news that his family is moving. Running Saturdays in March at 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. with breakfast ($16.00) and 12:00 and 1:15 with lunch ($21.00). This is part of the Children’s Musical Theater.

    and yes,

    Jesus Christ Superstar: Running now through April 23rd, the story of you-know-who told through the groovy, rock soundtrack composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This rock opera chronicles the last days of Jesus on Nazareth in a very human, down-to-earth way that made Jesus seem way cooler than the one preached about on Sundays. An unholy buffet of carved roast beef, fried chicken, cauliflower au gratin, and other southern favorites accompanies. Tickets are $39 each and can be ordered online at

     Photo courtesy Derby Dinner Playhouse

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