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    Les Filles Boutique, meaning “The Girls,” is a women’s accessories boutique. The store is a mix of a boutique and gallery setting. Les Filles sells hair accessories, handbags, accessories, handcrafted and artisan jewelry. In 2009, owners Cathy Akright and Melissa Murphy-Willis opened the boutique in The Westport Village Shopping Center.

    The boutique specializes in artists who create the handcrafted jewelry. Costume jewelry is made with cheaper materials, and fine jewelry has expensive stones. Artisan jewelry is made with metals such as sterling silver, combined with natural stones, and is very detailed.

    Les Filles showcased their accessories in the first Waterfront Fashion Week in October. The accessories varied from colorful chunky necklaces, bright and vibrant scarves to floppy hats. There was a wide range in choices of styles, so there was something for every person's style. The accessories can easily transition throughout the seasons, depending on the outfit.

    In the Waterfront Fashion Week article there was not enough room to display more of Les Filles Boutique’s looks, so here are more photos from the collection.

    Check out Les Filles Boutique on their website, or visit them at Westport Village.

    Check out Les Filles Boutique on their website, or visit them at Westport Village. 

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