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    Upland Teddy Bear Kisses - the perfect Valentine's Day beer [Lville Beer]
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    If you've read my posts for any amount of time now you've caught on to the fact that I love theme writing.  If I can relate a beer to something going on in my life, or a relevant event, then I'm quick to do so.  With yesterday being Valentine's Day I could not think of a more appropriate beer to drink last evening than Teddy Bear Kisses Imperial Stout from Upland Brewing.  

    I popped the top on my holiday treat and poured a dark, black stallion-esque beer with a caramel-colored, two-finger head.  I was so pleased with the thickness of the head, and wanted to let the beer sit for a few minutes to breathe and warm slightly anyway, that I even took a small knife and drew a heart in the foam; I should have taken a picture, you would have been impressed.  Teddy Bear Kisses is aged on fair trade cocoa nibs and I was delighted at how, upon first sip, I could taste a slight smokiness from the roasted malt up front with the cocoa following up on the back end.  I thought it was incredibly well-balanced for a 10.2% ABV beer with 80 IBUs.  The big alcohol taste was not present, which made it incredibly easy to sip, and I noticed more and more of the cocoa as the beer warmed.  

    I thought this was a great Imperial Stout and it seems plenty of other people do as well.  According to the Upland website Teddy Bear Kisses won a Gold Medal at the 2010 World Beer Championships.  Your fellow craft beer drinkers on and had slightly different views from each other.  The BA readers assigned Teddy Bear Kisses a score of 79 while their counterparts on RB gave it a hefty 91.  My score would be more in line with  If you didn't have a Valentine to snuggle up with and smooch on last night then I suggest heading out today and picking up a Teddy Bear Kisses to make out with.  

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