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    Food truck duo Steve Higdon and Ruben Plasencia have graced Clifton with their food truck, Urban Kitchen. You can catch them in front of the Clifton Food Mart, where for the near future, "Cuba meets Kentucky". Due to regulations around food trucks they move further down Frankfort Avenue later in August. Ruben, who was our gracious chef, assured us he'd be there for around fifteen days or so. 


    What can you expect as usual offerings from Urban Kitchen? If you check out their facebook page, you can see their daily options which include tacos, empanadas, corn dogs, and sliders. When I ventured over, we had a choice between fish tacos, beef and cheese or beef enchiladas, or a hand dipped corn dog. It was a hard call, but we settled on fish tacos and a beef and cheese enchilada. We then got to choose between catfish or cod fish tacos. We went with cod. The assembly was simple; cilantro, sour cream, iceberg lettuce, and some fried fish in a corn tortilla.  Hot sauce was optional (I, of course, indulged once I saw they had Frank's Hot Sauce).  The fish was rolled in cornmeal and fried. It was a good solid taco for the fair price of two for $5. 

    The empanada was a great take away food, which is a quality I always appreciate from food trucks. I hate walking away from a mobile food distributor feeling like I'm holding a whole table setting. Anyway, aside from portability, it was dusted with sea salt and served with what seemed like a red pepper aioli. The sea salt was a nice touch. The empanada was crispy on the outside with gooey, cheesy, savory filling.  It was a quick, efficient, and affordable snack at the fair price of two for $5.

    After they move from the Clifton Food Mart, you can keep up with them by liking their facebook page. 


    Correction: I have since discovered a few corrections to my description to the tacos in this article as posted by Urban Kitchen on Facebook:

    Served w/ sriracha slaw seasoned flour & cornmeal dusted catfish or cod, cilantro lettuce & topped w/ smoked tomatillo sour cream

    The author apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.


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