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    Tuesday at 2:46pm EDT, USA Today released an article called “10 Best: Southern Style Biscuits.” They talk lovingly about the South and the biscuits there from, saying biscuits “make our heart skip a beat when we think of them.”  Of course, being a Southern state, Kentucky had a good chance of being on that list. And we were – for a little less than 24 hours.

    Which restaurant made the cut? Gralehaus? Toast? Harvest?

    Nope – they chose Lynn’s Paradise Café. A restuarant that has been closed for over a year.

    As Louisville Humor said this morning on Twitter, “That awkward moment Lynn’s Paradise cafe is voted by USA Today as a top restaurant…” A reddit user had this to say, “I imagine a scenario where Lynn has fell on hard times and is now selling her southern style biscuits in a dark alley in the lining of her trench coat like they were stolen watches. I refuse to believe anything else. USA Today obviously knows what spots she frequents, and refuses to tell us. That is the real crime of the story.”

    Needless to say, this story got a decent amount of social media coverage. Louisville To Do and a few others pointed out their lack of research in the comments section of the article via Facebook. They have since amended the article to no longer include Lynn’s and simply responded to their mistake at the bottom of the article with “Corrections and Clarifications: An earlier version of this story listed a restaurant that had closed.”

    Great job, USA Today. Had this article come out in say, February 2013, Louisville might have been more understanding of the mistake. But a year and a half after Lynn's closed? They may want to rethink their research process and begin to include a simple Google search in the initial stages – stories of their January 2013 closure appear within the first 5 organic links.

    But who knows, maybe the author of the article was hoping if they included Lynn’s, someone would finally buy it and bring those “life-changing” biscuits back.

    Cover photo courtesy of this blog, where you can actually learn to make those famous biscuits. 

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