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    The vixens have officially found their groove. Opening night of Va Va Valentine was a smashing success, tantalizing a sold out crowd with standing room only. 

    This show by local burlesque troupe Va Va Vixens is the most polished I’ve seen yet. They manage to remind the audience why showgirls are sometimes revered with the title “goddess”. The change of theaters seems to be the best thing that could have  happened to them. Long gone are the days of technical difficulties at Alley Theater. Headliners is a wonderful stage for them, placing them above the audience while giving them the benefit of good lighting and sound; another huge plus: functioning climate control. 

    Upon entering the theater, audience members are met by a vixen towering over them on stilts. You might expect her to say “Welcome to Glitterville” as the stuff is everywhere. It was like a winter wonderland for me; Everyone knows my addiction to the stuff. However, I realized I was not wearing any and made a comment about it. *POOF... Out of nowhere the glitter fairy appeared, and my cleavage was blessed with a blast of the stuff from the nearby bunny running the merchandise table. 

    The show opened with a great pre-show of  one studly man and gorgeous ladies singing classics like At Last  by Etta James; the audience was alive with overwhelming support from the first note.  The dazzling array of dresses captured my attention while girls of all shapes and sizes soaked up the worship of the audience. I would pay the $20 ticket price just to see Dollface Molly’s unbelievable hourglass figure. She always manages to find the perfect dress.

    The show surprised me with new faces and new routines. New aerial acts included aerial silks by Eva Destruction, who made her Vixens debut at the last show.  Kenya Kissme has been showing off her skills with twirling knives, and Veruca Vulcano made her lyra debut by playing on the dangling hoop like the kitten she is. Miss Gypsie Love shared the lyra with Eva Destruction for an astounding double act. It was really exciting to see how much the performers have grown as a troupe. 

    Miss Gypsie Love and Eva Destruction show off something new

    Va Va Valentine: Most fun I've had since their last show [Dance]

    Brooke and Shawn Slone made an adorable couple on different schedules whose relationship has gotten a little too comfortable. Brooke pads around in her footie pajamas and Shawn rushes to work after yelling about toilet paper, giving the acts a thread of a storyline to tie them  together.  The Vixens play out the fantasies the couple has while dreaming alone.  Shawn drinks from a Dr. Who tardis mug before dreaming of a steamy scene with the ladies. He then wonders what kind of juice they put in his telephone booth. The humor is all well-timed and rides that fine line of well done risque that doesn’t go overboard. The vixens are the perfect mix of cute, crass and class. 

    Lady Chameleon did a mysterious ritualistic performance in a fabulous hooded cape as belly dancers surrounded her.   Madame Michon showed off contortion skills and made my guest uncomfortable by taking the stage with a snake. 

    Lady Chameleon soaks up the worship. 


    Lola the Painted Lady took a less prominent role than she has over the last year but looked stunning in her pink leopard print dress and still worked the collaborative dance numbers, which are one of the things that make the Vixens stand out so tremendously. Where else can you go and see the Can-Can? (The can-can is not in this show, but is one of their recurring numbers)

    Big kudos go out to Lisa Frye for all of her hard work. She’s been the driving force behind the Vixens and many other local artistic movements and projects for quite some time. It’s great to see the ever humble and hard working lady moving forward with something that continues to grow and blossom as one of Louisville’s top attractions. Although there are other burlesque events in town, the Vixens continue to set the standard for high quality entertainment.


    You have four more chances to see this burlesque blowout at Headliner’s Music Hall. The next two Fridays and Saturdays will keep Louisville a-glitter and a-twitter with thoughts of Valentines. Tickets are $20, although front row VIP seats can be purchased and include tables for $30 each (with a four seat minimum). You’ll want to get them ahead of time online or arrive early as these shows sell out. Doors open at 7 and show starts at 8 p.m.  I think this show would be the perfect ending to spending a date at a spa/salon with your mate. Make yourselves dapper and pampered before spoiling yourselves at the show. The audience is a who's who parade, and media is usually in attendance for some photo ops.  Spring for the table. You’ll be glad you did. 

    Photography by Joe Mays- Alien Twilight Photography

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