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    Va Va Valentine with the Vixens in Louisville
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    The Vixens take the stage once more to celebrate Valentine's Day with Louisville at Headliner's Music Hall. These ladies continue to incorporate fun and friskiness for a fresh show each time. They really work to change things up with every performance and explore new ways to tantalize the sold out crowds.

    They opened this year's Va Va Valentine on February 2 and introduced a new hostess, local actress Leah Roberts, who was an adorable train wreck. She wore a different costume on stage every time, most of which were from past Va Va shows, while lamenting the troubles of being a stage girl like coughing up sparkles.

    The "pre-show" included a run of fast paced and upbeat vocal performances by Deadly Dita, Miss Kitty Taylor, a trapeze act by Eva Destruction,  and Dollface Molly who left her usual sultry songs and curve clasping evening gowns for rock and roll and a leather jacket. It got the audience jazzed and ready for the rest of the show.

    The introductory number that serves to introduce the girls was a very cool rotating dance number that put each of the girls in front of the audience one small group at a time. This moved quickly into the first striptease to the song "Stupid Cupid" with Lola Licious wearing angel wings. A couple of assistants came out and attached helium balloons, which then carried her bra away.
    Next came a really neat modern take on the can can, with a remix of the music and light up skirts, which I love because the audience always ends up clapping along with the can can beat.  Other acts included a domme chair dance, a feathers tease, and a very cute fifties number with a girl in a poodle skirt in love with a picture of Al Capone.

    Fetish numbers continued with a girl covered in stuffed animals, a hilarious group of ladies in jogging suits with "billy bob" teeth, and a bondagy number of girls in masks. "Coin operated Boy" was a cute routine of a german girl who brings a coin operated doll to life (Madam Michon).

    There really is something for everyone with blade twirling, roller skating, balloon popping, gypsie with tambourines and group hoola hoop routines. There's even a prison number to the song "Chain of Fools" where the girls dance with their ball and chains. A new geisha dance was also introduced as was a fun disco routine.

    The Vixens continue to mix humor and great dance routines, but even more impressive is how they continue to find new ways to incorporate aerial acts into the show. Ms. Gypsy Love introduced a new aerial apparatus known as the Aerial cube and really stood out. Other aerial acts included the lyra, the trapeze, aerial hammock, and the silks. If seeing beautiful women looking their best on a stage isn't enough, perhaps seeing them do amazing feats in the air above the stage will entice you to enjoy the show.

    Remaining shows are February 8, 9, 15 and 16 at Headliner's Music Hall. Tickets are $20 for general seating and $30 for V.I.P. at the front row tables. It's best to buy tickets ahead of time at as the shows often sell out. The doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm!


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