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    Va Va Valentine's "Vacation's" sold out opening night gets standing ovation
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    The Vixens have done it again, but they got a standing ovation this time. After five years of producing Louisville's most theatrical burlesque shows, the Va Va Vixen darlings inspired people to va va vacate their seats and give them their first standing O (pun intended).

    This year's Va Va Valentine show, Va Va Vacation: Sailing the Seven Seas of Love, shows just how far the Vixens have come. The show was smooth sailing from the "lively swing and jive" beginning to the upbeat dance number at the end, featuring all of the cast members. The group dance numbers are one of the features that set the Vixens apart from other burlesque troupes, and they don't disappoint. The many different types of dance featured in this show are jaw dropping: from break dancing and ballroom to chair and tease routines.

    This year's Valentine show was set aboard a cruise ship with two activity directors, Carol (played by Deadly Dita) and Barb (Lolalicious) . Carol (Deadly Dita) leads the show while trying to resolve her work crush for Barb (which climaxes in a hilarious scene in the second act). Like many of the Vixen's shows, this one has more than a healthy dose of humor and   Carol and Barb continue to leave people rolling in the aisles with their antics. Carol fantasizes about Barb to the song “Hungry Eyes” and drops her “mom shorts” to reveal granny panties as she dances alone in her bedroom. Barb gets into her  own mischief, making an appearance covered in just large dishes of sushi or showing up with a shake weight to a men’s workout class led by an Elvis impersonator.

    All silliness aside, the show will take your breath away. The aerial performances are astounding, and I could watch the three person tango over and over again, wishing I could be a part of it. The angles of the three bodies were perfect, and I have been just sitting and staring dreamily at the pictures I got of the dancers. 

    Other routines include a wedding couple stripping down from their attire before the lovely lady takes to a performance on aerial silks (what a wedding night!); dancers in wings of Isis behind an elegant lady in heels changing out of her fine dress; a primal shamaness in furs; the most adorable dancing sailors ever; indigenously dressed "fire" spinners (using LED staffs and poi); and a full seascape with large glowing jellyfish puppets, dancing sea horses, starfish, an opera singing sea squid, and an aerial performing mermaid as Barb snorkels around them. There's much more to this amazing show, but I'll leave some to be experienced first hand. I've never said this about anything before; it will be the best $20 you'll spend  in the next couple months, and it's just the right price for an escape from thinking about the stupid cold weather. (It’s my review - I can call the weather stupid if I want to...because it is.)

    I get ridiculously excited about the Vixen shows. As an insanely busy single mother that works crazy hours, they're the perfect escape to look forward to without feeling guilty about spending too much time or money on a travel based get away. I've gone to their shows with girlfriends; I've gone with dates; and I've gone with "the guys". Everyone has an awesome time - unless they're the stiffest of stiff prudes, maybe- but even then, the troupe seems to have mastered the right balance of sex appeal and class: I've seen the most unexpected have a good time. Va Va Vacation take me away!

    Set sail with the Vixens for the next two Fridays and Saturdays (2/7, 2/8 and 2/13, 2/14) at Headliner’s Music Hall. The doors open at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. Get your tickets in advance at the Headliner's web site. The shows tend to sell out.

    Huge group jive and wail number
    aerial mermaid
    Carol pines for Barb
    These girls were the cutest thing I've ever seen
    Opera singing
    It takes three to tango
    Barb and her shakeweight
    Wedding night aerials
    In the afterlife voodoo
    Can't go on together with suspicious minds
    Fan dance
    Deadly dita leads audience members in a round of limbo
    These break dancers were hot!!

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