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    Valued Volumes: Local book appraiser, Charles Bartman, evaluates the worth sitti
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    One of my favorite guilty pleasures, when all the stars align, is a rousing session with KET’s Antique’s Roadshow (come on, you totally know you love it).  There is something wildly exciting about the prospect of an untapped, dusty goldmine hiding in the attic of beloved old Auntie Maude’s bungalow.  It’s enough to make anyone (or maybe just me) gleefully dig through plentiful strata of hoarded golden oldies in the hopes of golden goodies.  But an intrepid trip into Grandpa’s crawl space may not be the only answer; a treasure trove of value (and knowledge!) may already be sitting on your shelves. 

    Join local book appraiser and consultant to the Locust Grove Annual Used Book Sale, Charles Bartman, as he discusses the art the of book appraisal at Locust Grove this Thursday, February 23rd.  From 7pm to 9pm, Bartman will conduct the seminar “What is it Worth?” A Short Course in Valuing Your Books enumerating the finer points of assessing the worth of your book collection, what makes a book valuable and tips for maintaining a high-value shelf. 

    Think your first edition Dickens is worth some dough?  Following the discussion, Bartman will offer his appraisal skills to attendees for a cost of 5 dollars for one book (and only one book per person, please).  Admission to the seminar is also 5 dollars but is free for Friends of Locust Grove members.  Scan the spines on your shelf (and Aunt Maude’s and Grandpa Lou’s…), choose wisely and spend a couple Lincolns this Thursday at the “What is it Worth?” seminar.  5 bucks could just be the difference between a dusty, old book and a hidden gem.

    Locust Grove is located at 561 Blankenbaker Lane.  For more information, the Locust Grove website or call (502)897-9845

    Photo: Courtesy of “What is it Worth?” Press Release   

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